‘Wolf Like Me’ Creator Abe Forsythe Says Season 2 Cliffhanger ‘Wasn’t Intentional’ – and Reveals Biggest Challenge

‘Wolf Like Me’ Creator Abe Forsythe Says Season 2 Cliffhanger ‘Wasn’t Intentional’ – and Reveals Biggest Challenge (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Wolf Like Me Season 2 left viewers with a cliffhanger, which creator Abe Forsythe didn’t exactly plan.

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‘Wolf Like Me’ creator: Isla Fisher ‘had the toughest job’

‘Wolf Like Me’ creator: Isla Fisher ‘had the toughest job’

Wolf Like Me creator Abe Forsythe said Isla Fisher had the most formidable assignment in Season 2, which premieres Thursday on Peacock. Fisher plays Mary, a werewolf in a relationship with single father Gary (Josh Gad).

“Isla had the toughest job out of anyone in the cast in Season 2,” Forsythe told UPI in a recent Zoom interview. “You can see what she does dramatically in the last episode.”

Season 1 teased Mary’s transformations during every full moon. Now that her condition no longer is a spoiler, Season 2 shows Mary’s transformation on screen.

Producer Jodi Matterson said that Fisher embraced the dramatic implications of the werewolf transformation. The show is a horror comedy, but treats Mary’s transformation as a sincere affliction.

“It takes a lot of guts to be able to go, ‘OK, I’m going to play a role where I transform into a werewolf and I am going to 100% fully commit to this,'” Matterson said.

The opening of the season was based on Fisher’s suggestion, Forsythe revealed. Forsythe always intended to have Gary and Mary married and pregnant, but Fisher preferred a shocking wedding scene that opens the new season.

“Without giving anything away, I can say that there was something in the wedding scene that came from an idea of Isla’s,” Forsythe said. “Certainly, it’s a really interesting way of getting the audience into the story.”

Forsythe said the pregnancy increases the dangers of Mary being discovered. Should the baby turn out to be a wolf like her, it will be much harder to keep a werebaby a secret.

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“Wolf Like Me” season 2 trailer

In the second season of Wolf Like Me, Mary (Isla Fisher) and Gary (Josh Gad) leap into the next phase of their relationship, facing their biggest challenge yet: pregnancy. As much as the two try to have a “normal” pregnancy, it seems impossible with so many questions looming over them. Will their child be a human or a wolf? Just how long can they keep things secret from the rest of their family? Will what happened in the outback come back to haunt them? And, with Mary’s former professor, Anton (Edgar Ramirez), suddenly in the picture, can their relationship withstand newly unearthed secrets from Mary’s past?

New Season of Wolf Like Me is streaming Oct 19 on Peacock.

Jamie Foxx & Will Ferrell “Strays” Gets Longer Leash On Release Date

Jamie Foxx & Will Ferrell ‘Strays’ Gets Longer Leash On Release Date

With Universal pushing R-rated comedy Please Don’t Destroy from Aug. 18 to Peacock, another R-rated movie, Strays, featuring the voices of Will Ferrell & Jamie Foxx is back-filling that date. Originally, Strays was to open on June 9, a month from now.

The WGA Strike is partly the reason for Strays‘ movie; an original bawdy comedy like this requires all the late night TV talk show promotion it can get. Strays was about to start screening to the press and kick off a junket in the near future.

However, Universal has had great luck with R-rated comedies in August, read 2005’s The 40 Year Old Virgin ($21.4M opening, $109.4M domestic) and 2019’s Good Boys ($21.4M opening, $83.1M domestic B.O.), and the fact that Strays is moving to Aug. 18 underscores the studio’s confidence in the film. In addition, Strays was in the middle of a tentpole whirlwind, going up against Paramount’s Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and playing into the heat seeking missile coming out of CinemaCon, Warner Bros./DC’s The Flash on June 16. Such branded fare has a marketing edge over an original title like Strays which requires more nurturing.

On its new date, Strays is bawdy counterprogramming to DC family movie, Blue Beetle.

Ferrell recently appeared at CinemaCon during Uni’s session two weeks ago and brought the house down at Caesars Palace Colosseum Theatre with a cute dog (who stars in the film) comedy routine.


Isla in People magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ issue

Isla is featured in the new issue of People magazine, which is their ‘Most Beautiful’ issue! It’s a really gorgeous new pink-themed photoshoot – stunning! The brief article in the magazine has Isla talking about pink and her favourite colour, however, the behind the scenes interview video (below) has some nice snippets on Isla’s “floral obsession”, when she feels at her best during the day, baths, supportive friends, and her new movie Strays. We’ve added the photoshoot and the scan from the magazine to our Gallery:

(Apologies for the state of the site at the moment, we’re having some technical issues, but are working to fix this and make the site look better again!)

People – May 8th 2023 x1
2023 – Session #001 x5

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Isla Fisher on Rove Live in 2005

Isla’s appearance on Rove Live from 2005 has surfaced online! She is joined by Owen Wilson on the show, as they promote Wedding Crashers. Unfortunately the video is missing the beginning and the end, but its great to see the majority of this big Wedding Crashers promo interview. Isla and Owen chat about their characters, chat-up lines, weddings and Isla and Vince Vaughn’s height difference. At the end, it was announced that Isla was the show’s 1000th guest! Watch the video below, and find screencaptures in our Gallery:

2005 – Rove Live x212

“Blithe Spirit” HD Film Screencaptures

Today we’ve added over 1,300 HD screencaptures from Isla’s 2020 comedy Blithe Spirit. This was a fun film with a great cast – we enjoyed seeing Isla play the serious character, but injecting some comedy into it! It’s an easy watch, and we’d recommend to Isla fans 🙂

Blithe Spirit > Film Screencaptures x1,365