Isla in People magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ issue

Isla is featured in the new issue of People magazine, which is their ‘Most Beautiful’ issue! It’s a really gorgeous new pink-themed photoshoot – stunning! The brief article in the magazine has Isla talking about pink and her favourite colour, however, the behind the scenes interview video (below) has some nice snippets on Isla’s “floral obsession”, when she feels at her best during the day, baths, supportive friends, and her new movie Strays. We’ve added the photoshoot and the scan from the magazine to our Gallery:

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People – May 8th 2023 x1
2023 – Session #001 x5

Isla Fisher Reveals Her Go-To School Drop-Off Outfit — and It’s So Relatable

Isla Fisher will gladly listen to fashion advice, but that doesn’t always mean she’ll take it.

“I love pink, but I have a friend of mine who’s a stylist, I won’t name drop her, but she says that ‘No woman should ever wear bubblegum pink’,” says the star, 47, featured in this week’s Beautiful issue draped in, yes, bubblegum pink. “She says that is just the un-coolest thing you can do.”

After receiving that friendly advice, she says, “I went back home and looked at my closet and three quarters of it is bubblegum pink, so I can’t quit at this point.”

Though it’s a go-to hue for Fisher, who lends her voice to the upcoming comedy Strays, there’s another color that means much more to her. “My husband [Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen] and I have the same favorite color,” she explains, “a duck-egg-blue kind of turquoise. We once painted our kitchen floor that color, which alienated some of my design friends. It didn’t last that long, but that’s the color of love for us.”

That said, color and style are the last things on her mind when she’s on mom-duty. The mother of three (Olive, 16, Elula, 12, and Montgomery, 8) says when it comes time for school drop-offs, “It depends on the climate but ultimately I’m going with a sweatpant,” she says. “I know it’s not cute. And a hoodie. That’s kind of where I’m at right now.”

She’s going for the “I-Barely-Got-Them-Here-On-Time” look, and she’s nailing it. “I know there’s a lot of competition, there’s blow-outs, tailored blazers,” she says of some stylish moms in the queue. “But I cut myself some slack and just say, ‘The fact that you’ve showered is a win. You’re ahead of the curve, Isla. You got this.'”

The Strays hits theaters June 9.


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