‘Wolf Like Me’ Creator Abe Forsythe Says Season 2 Cliffhanger ‘Wasn’t Intentional’ – and Reveals Biggest Challenge

‘Wolf Like Me’ Creator Abe Forsythe Says Season 2 Cliffhanger ‘Wasn’t Intentional’ – and Reveals Biggest Challenge (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Wolf Like Me Season 2 left viewers with a cliffhanger, which creator Abe Forsythe didn’t exactly plan.

During season 2, police begin to investigate the deaths of two men, who happened to be the same men who tried to attack Gary (Josh Gad) and Emma (Ariel Donoghue) in the car. Werewolf Mary (Isla Fisher) shreds both men but then leaves Gary and Emma untouched.

The couple endures a slew of twists and turns during the season, which culminate in the birth of Mary and Gary’s baby.

Mary begins to transform into the wolf as she goes into labor in the hospital. The only place Gary thinks she will be safe is in their basement. So he sneaks her out of the hospital and rushes her home. Fully transformed, Mary gives birth in the basement to a baby wolf cub. Gary locks himself in the basement with Mary as the police descend on their home.

‘Wolf Like Me’ creator didn’t plan to have season 2 end with a cliffhanger

Forsythe promised that he didn’t plan to leave viewers hanging, but it was the best way to close the Wolf Like Me Season 2 chapter.

“That wasn’t intentional,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet of the cliffhanger. “That wasn’t in there right up to like the second last week of pre-production.”

“I threw some story things away. And then that kind of opened up as a way of coming into the show. It was such a real debate for me of like going, do we end it like this? Because it is obviously leaving things up in the air,” he admitted. “But it also felt like it was the right thing to do. And that’s all I’ve done through season 1 and season 2 is just keep following where the story tells me it needs to go. And unfortunately for the characters, that’s where the story is meant to go.”

The season 2 birth scene was a risk

Forsythe also worried about how the final scene would play out. “It was pretty emotional actually. Filming those things can be really hard because we were dealing with the puppet. We were dealing with the wolf,” he said. “So there’s a lot of technical things that you have to get right. And you worry that when you’re relying on such technical sort of things and puppets and things like that, you’re worried that the emotion won’t come through because you’re dealing with basically inanimate objects.”

“But the makeup team, the prosthetic makeup team did such an incredible job of bringing life to that little baby puppet that it was really interesting on the day,” he continued. “The combination of Josh having just stepped down into the basement, actually the character having to step down into the basement for the first time to confront the wolf as well as his child. There was a lot of weight that was on that moment.”

“But because there was so much coming from the puppet and again, going back to Josh’s vulnerability, the way he performed that scene, it was actually surprising, really emotional for everyone on set,” Forsythe said. “Which for me was a relief because that was one of the scenes going into the second season that I was like just hoping this works. I felt like it was going to. But yeah, it’s always a risk kind of doing things like that. So it was it was really great to see it come together in the edit.”

Wolf Like Me Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Peacock.


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