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February 12th 2009   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

She’s that perky redhead hooked up with “Borat” (Sacha Baron Cohen). The couple have a baby daughter. Pretty Isla Fisher first caught our eye as the kookie, kinda desperate gal who glued herself to Vince Vaughn in the comedy Wedding Crashers. She was the right match for Scarlett Johansson’s hubby Ryan Reynolds in the romantic Definitely, Maybe. Now you can identify with Isla (pronounced Eye-la) as a modern woman who is a bit overextended on her credit cards and still trying to hit the sales and hook up with her cute boss in Confessions of a Shopaholic, based on a popular novel.

In Isla’s soft Aussie accent, we got the latest on shopping, comedy, fashion designers and dancing with Dancy (cute Hugh Dancy, her co-star). Picture the actress wearing a color that always looks great on a red-head… royal blue! Isla blew us away at our interview in her royal blue Zac Posen low-necked dress with short puffed sleeves. She accessorized with big copper dangle earrings and very high-heeled gladiator-style sandals in…orange! This gal knows how to stand out in a crowd!

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