Isla promotes ‘Marge’ on ET Live

Isla appeared on ET Live – Entertainment Tonight’s new live streaming show – on Wednesday, to promote the US release of her new Marge book. She chatted about the book and writing the series, the babysitting story she told on The Talk, and her plans for developing Marge in other mediums. One of the hosts pointed out that it is the 10 year anniversary of Confessions Of A Shopaholic (!!) and Isla chatted briefly about this which was really great to hear about! There was also mention of her wedding anniversary. Find screencaptures in our Gallery and the video below:

2019 – ET Live x243

New Q&A interview in The Guardian

The Guardian posted a fantastic and very funny Q&A with Isla today – find it on our Press page:

Isla Fisher: ‘My guiltiest pleasure? Following Justin Bieber on Instagram’

The actor on being frisked, anti-stretch mark cream and her desire to cook for Donald Trump

Born in Oman to Scottish parents, Isla Fisher, 40, was raised in Australia. She started acting as a child and went on to appear in the Australian soap Home And Away. Her films include Wedding Crashers (2005), Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009) and The Great Gatsby (2013). She lives in Los Angeles with the actor Sacha Baron Cohen, their daughters Olive and Elula, and son Montgomery. Her book for children, Marge In Charge, has just been published.

When were you happiest?
When I won my first Oscar. Oh, wait – that was Amy Adams.

What is your greatest fear?

What is your earliest memory?
Being incontinent.

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
David Walliams, for making the transition from comic actor to bestselling kids’ author. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the same.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?


Isla talks “Grimsby” and “Shopaholic” to Glamour UK

Isla Fisher wants Confessions of a Shopaholic 2 to happen

GLAMOUR’s Leanne Bayley sat down with Isla Fisher to discuss Grimsby (the movie, not the English fishing town), but she couldn’t resist asking a quick question about Confessions Of A Shopaholic – aka one of her favourite movies. Would Isla ever bring back Rebecca Bloomwood? Yes, she blimming well would.

“I would love to bring Rebecca Bloomwood back, I love Rebecca Bloomwood,” she said. “I don’t know if anyone else wants her back but just you and I could bring her back.”

When asked if her fashion-loving alter-ego would be able to cope with all of the style inspiration you have in this digital world, she said probably not: “It would have been hard because her credit cards would have maxed out pretty early on and she wouldn’t have had the goodwill of innocent shopkeepers.”

Back on the subject of Grimsby though – Isla Fisher attempted the British accent for her part in the movie. Who did she channel? Well, she went regal with her choice: “The Queen. I think about the Queen and she just flows through me.”

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New 2009 Australian Magazine Scans

With thanks to my beloved friend April we have some previously unseen scans from a couple of 2009 magazines when Isla was promoting Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Women’s Weekly had a short interview with her alongside a promotional photoshoot for Shopaholic, and In Style Australia reprinted the shoot and text from Isla’s earlier spread in the magazine’s UK edition. I always love seeing Isla in magazines from around the world, so loved seeing these spreads! Enjoy for yourself by clicking the previews below.

I’ve also been updating our content pages a bit, most notably the With Other Celebs and Cover-O-Graphy pages. More content updates (Film & Style related) coming soon!

Isla at Jerry Bruckheimer’s Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony

On Monday Isla made a low key appearance at the ceremony to unveil famed Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bruckheimer produced Confessions Of A Shopaholic, and Isla voiced her praise for him whilst promoting the movie, and also revealed that he hired her a trainer to help her get back into shape after the birth of her first daughter. Isla looked cute at the event in a little black top and a beige skirt. We have HQ photos for you in the Gallery, most of which are thanks to our lovely friend DeA:

Jerry Bruckheimer Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony x17

What made Isla Fisher fashion conscious?

What made Isla Fisher fashion conscious?

Actress Isla Fisher says she wasn`t too much into fashion until she played the lead role in 2009 film ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.

The actress said she was not concerned about what she wore until she played the character of Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopaholic who spends all her income on clothes, reports

Talking about her lack of fashion keenness, she said: “You should see me on the school run. I was never really that into fashion until I filmed `Confessions of a Shopaholic`.”

“After working every day with stylist Patricia Field, from `Sex and the City`, I went from wearing what was clean in my laundry basket to high-fashion designers”, she added.

The 37-year-old star has since updated her wardrobe with a selection of designers and high street favourites.

In an interview with Britain`s Hello! Magazine, she said: “I love Zac Posen and I`m a big fan of Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Philip Lim. I`m only tiny, so many labels don`t cater for me, but these designers don`t swamp me.

“And high street, I like so many. Topshop and Mango are fantastic for quick buys”, she added.

“Confessions Of A Shopaholic” DVD extras screencaps

Continuing and completing our big Shopaholic updates, today I have added 600+ screencaps from the movies’ DVD extras! These include some deleted scenes and funny bloopers – so lots more cute Becky shots! The Zebra Pants deleted scene one was one of my favourite parts in the book, and I think one of the funniest scenes filmed for the movie, even though it’s not in the final version.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > DVD Screencaptures – Menu’s x20
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: 19 Scarfity Scarf Scarf x13
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Zebra Print Pants x247
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: The Unexpected Kiss x65
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > DVD Screencaptures – Bloopers x149
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > Music Video Screencaptures – Shontelle Ft. Akon: ‘Stuck With You’ x138

“Confessions Of A Shopaholic” bluray quality screencaptures!

Isla fans, I have a treat for you today! Thanks to my fabulous friend Maria we have over 2,000 gorgeous HD/blu-ray quality screencaptures of Isla as Becky Bloomwood in Confessions Of A Shopaholic! Isla is so so good in this movie, I’m sure you’ll all remember and agree – she has some brilliant facial expressions and just shows that she is a master at physical comedy. Plus she looks gorgeous! Which is why we have quite a lot of caps, to capture all those funny expressions.

I’m still hoping they do a sequel! 😉

We are very lucky to have these in HD, so get browsing because I’m sure you’ll love these snapshots!! Enjoy 😀

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) > Film Screencaptures (Blu-ray) x2536