Isla Fisher and Sophie Turner in WrapWomen Unwrapped podcast

Isla Fisher and Sophie Turner on the Joys of Mastering New Genres

From Peacock’s “Wolf Like Me” star Isla Fisher to Sophie Turner, star of HBO Max’s upcoming series “The Staircase,” this episode of “UnWrapped” podcast features women who are stepping outside their comfort zone and into new genres.

While you may recognize Fisher for her comedy roles in “Wedding Crashers,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic” or as “The Crier” in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” audiences are exposed to a new side of her talents in “Wolf Like Me,” a romantic dramedy with a monster twist.

Meanwhile, after a several year hiatus from acting, Turner returns to the screen in the domestic crime drama “The Staircase.” Known for her previous roles in large franchises such as “Game of Thrones” and “X-Men,” Sophie’s role as Margaret Ratliff in “The Staircase” marks her first time not only playing a non-fictional character, but also acting in a true crime series.

Episode highlights Include:

Isla Fisher talks about her traumatic clown school experience

Sophie Turner says being a mother helped her become a better actor

Isla Fisher says when it comes to auditioning for a role, imagine what everyone else is doing and do the opposite to set yourself apart

Sophie Turner says the first thing she asked her Academy Award-winning “The Staircase” co-star Colin Firth was what it was like working with Amanda Bynes in “What a Girl Wants”

Isla Fisher teaches us how she takes on different accents

Sophie Turner says she still doesn’t know who killed Kathleen Peterson, the subject of the HBO Max true-crime series “The Staircase” — but she’s OK with that

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Why ‘Wolf Like Me’ Star Isla Fisher Is Really Glad Husband Sacha Baron Cohen Isn’t a Werewolf

When it comes to relationship dealbreakers, there’s one thing on Isla Fisher’s list that ranks above the rest. No, it’s not clapping when the plane lands or wearing a neon green mankini with suspenders, but rather being a werewolf. While this may seem like an obvious quality trait to avoid, the 13-year-old “Twilight” obsessed version of myself with a #TeamJacob poster would probably be trying to cancel the actress for such blasphemous remarks. But hey, I guess harry chests and howling at the moon aren’t for everyone.

Now, Isla’s stance on the topic may seem hypocritical because she literally plays a werewolf in a romantic relationship with Josh Gad in Peacock’s romantic dramedy “Wolf Like Me.” However, during a recent interview on WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” podcast, when asked if she would have dated her now-husband Sacha Baron Cohen if she found out he was a werewolf, Fisher didn’t seem too keen on the idea.

“I think I would have become a snack,” she said. “I would forget that I was supposed to lock him in the cage on the full moon and he might have accidentally gobbled me up or something. I don’t know. I’m really risk averse as a person. I’m trying to remember if I was before having children, or if it’s just post, but I definitely wouldn’t want to date someone that potentially could eat me.”

Turns out, werewolves are people too! And by playing one, Fisher was able to take away some valuable life lessons that are applicable to any kind of relationship. “I think “Wolf Like Me” does have a take on diversity and the richness of meeting people who are different than us… you can fall in love with or have a relationship as a friend or have people in your life that are completely different to you and still be carrying similar emotional baggage.”

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