Isla in a deleted scene from “The Dictator”

A few months ago Isla confessed that she had filmed a part for her husband’s latest movie The Dictator, but that it had been cut, but now, however, footage of her from the film has emerged! ParamountGermany have released a deleted scene from the movie in which The Dictator himself, General Aladeen, is given an award for Best Love Song – following the announcement of his win, the music video for his winning song is shown, and it features a rather beautiful red-head in it. It’s pretty funny … until the end.

Credit goes to the sachaismylove tumblr for bringing this to my attention. Being a big fan of Sacha and this movie, as well as Isla obviously, I’m really excited to see this footage! Screencaptures will be added to the Gallery soon.

What do you think about this scene? Would you like to see Isla and Sacha work together properly?

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