“Visions” reviews & gallery update

Most of the Visions stills have now been replaced with HQ versions, plus we have some additional stills, set photos and posters.

The film was released in a few countries a couple of months ago (and is out on Blu-ray/DVD in Australia), and some reviews have popped up online – find some below, and a few more links on IMDB

Visions – Stills
Visions – Posters & Artwork
Visions – On The Set

Similar to The Gift (2015), also from Blumhouse, Visions plays with the tropes and conventions of the horror genre, such as the mysterious whistling kettle sound, a hooded figure whose face cannot be seen and an eerie pool of water in the dead of night.

A nice twist at the end recasts everything that has gone on before in a different light.

It is not quite as gripping as The Gift, but Visions is still worth watching. Sometimes, it pays to play by the book.

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Eveleigh and David are perhaps the most hipster couple to be depicted in horror films. They give up everything to live on a vineyard, and take great pains to restart production on the farm. While they may live in an isolated house which is ostensibly far from society, it’s actually a quick jaunt to the city regions for them to partake in yoga or get a quick drink at a cafe. It’s pretty much the modern ideal of life, where the supernatural is the last thing on their minds, and this is what makes the haunting so much so impactful — it’s a jarring juxtaposition against normalcy.

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What’s here is a highlight reel of genre particulars, and while Fisher is game to communicate a range of shocked reactions, there’s ultimately little to respond to as a decent offering of paranormal activity becomes a blunt instrument in its final act.

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