**IMPORTANT** Isla Fisher Web going offline

Due to some unexpected issues with my host, Isla Fisher Web will be going offline for a period of time from this coming Monday. I hope that this will only be temporary until I can find adequate new hosting.

HOWEVER, the site will no longer be accessible through islafisherweb.com. Instead, you will be able to find us through www.islafisher.org and www.islafisher.net. Please bookmark one of our new links. These addresses will forward to our Twitter page while the site is without a host.

You will be able to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with Isla Fisher Web via our Twitter account – @IslaFisherWeb.

You can contact me while the site is offline through our Twitter page or email.

Please bear with us during this downtime!! I intend for Isla Fisher Web to continue for many years to come, it’s just going to take some time now to find a new home for us!!




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