‘Gatsby’: Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher on Selling Out DiCaprio, Aussie Media Frenzy

‘Gatsby’: Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher on Selling Out DiCaprio, Aussie Media Frenzy (Video)

The actors joke about calling in Leo sightings to a local radio station and the “lucrative sideline” of revealing set secrets.

Leonardo DiCaprio undoubtedly causes a media frenzy whenever he goes, but while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia, all of Sydney had their eyes peeled for the A-lister.

“The press just had a field day,” Joel Edgerton says of his co-star’s presence in his native land. Adds fellow Aussie Isla Fisher: “It was horrible. They had a radio show that treated him like he wasn’t even a person.”

Said show enlisted the help of local sleuths to call in any Leo spottings for broadcast on the airwaves.

“The poor guy is just trying to have breakfast or go shopping …” Fisher continues, before being interrupted by co-star Edgerton, joking: “So I had to call in every day.”

Turns out, selling on-set secrets can be quite a lucrative side job — or so Fisher says.

In Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, DiCaprio plays the titular Gatsby, while Edgerton plays Tom Buchanan and Fisher the ill-fated Myrtle Wilson.

For more from the actors, including how they developed their heavy New York accents for the film, watch the video above. Warner Bros.’ Gatsby hits theaters May 10.


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