Screencaptures from recent “Bachelorette” interviews

Finally for today, a 3rd batch of screencaptures, this time from the various promotional interviews the Bachelorette girls did on press day that have been released on websites recently. Again, just scroll back through our recent updates and/or the Video updates archive to watch them all. My favourite is the Hollywood Reporter one, in which Isla lists all the comedies Kirsten Dunst has done, and proves herself to be a big fan of her co-star – excellent taste as always, Miss Fisher! I really love watching these Bachelorette cast interviews, as Isla and Kirsten seem to have become good friends, and are really funny together!

2012 – I Am Rogue x59
2012 – Clevver News x79
2012 – Collider x66
2012 – The Hollywood Reporter x35

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