Woody Harrelson joins “Now You See Me”

Woody reunites with Jesse on screen

Woody Harrelson is in talks to join his Zombieland co-star Jesse Eisenberg in magician heist thriller Now You See Me.

The Rampart star would join Jesse, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher and Melanie Laurent in the film about The Four Horsemen, a team of the world’s greatest illusionists who pull off daring bank heists during their performances and shower their audience with the profits.

Woody would play Merritt Osbourne, a mentalist and hypnotist known for his Jedi-style mind tricks, Variety reports.

Merritt won fame performing for the Queen, but was forced to flee to Las Vegas and joined the Four Horsemen after a stunt went horribly wrong.

Jesse will play the arrogant but genius leader of the Four Horsemen and Isla a master technician who builds the contraptions needed to create the illusions.

Mark will play the head of the FBI team investigating the heists, while Morgan will play a former magician who advises the FBI on how the tricks were pulled off and Melanie one of the federal agents.

Louis Leterrier is directing the film.

Woody has already won rave reviews for his portrayal of a corrupt LAPD officer in Rampart, which will be shown at the BFI London Film Festival next month.

– The Press Association

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