“Rango” press junket excerpts from ScreenCrave

ScreenCrave.com have a number of excerpts from a press junket held for Rango. Here are the quotes from/relating to Isla, and make sure you check out ScreenCrave.com for the full article:

What did you think, Isla and Abigail?

ISLA FISHER: I think the characters had humanity because we were interacting with each other, and more chemistry; and so it felt more organic and real. What do you think, Abigail?

ABIGAIL BRESLIN: You know, it was – you know, when you’re in just like a booth, by yourself, it’s like very isolating, and like you don’t really, like, have anything to sort of play off of except like one take of like one line, and then like a beep, and then – so this was, this was – I think that it was, well, for me, at least, a lot more fun. Although I did wear a wig, like a black wig and I got a really bad rash on my neck from it, and so that was a little unfortunate, but –

ISLA FISHER: And you were carrying a gun.


ISLA FISHER: Which was weird, to see Abigail with a massive gun.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN: It was so bizarre, because like there was actually guns going, and like you don’t think that there are like firearms in an animated movie.


ABIGAIL BRESLIN: And it’s like live. That’s all I thought about it.

JOHNNY DEPP: Gore always travels with guns.

GORE VERBINSKI: Absolutely. Keep people from going to sleep.


I’ve heard in previous reports that you kind of fought tooth and nail in order to make sure that Rango isn’t going to be in 3D. Are you for or against 3D in general? Is Rango not being in 3D like the only time when you’re going to be like, no to 3D? And how do you all feel about just kind of like 3D being like the big trend in general?

JOHNNY DEPP: I’m waiting for 5D. [LAUGHTER] That’s what I want.

GORE VERBINKSI: I don’t know – I just don’t feel – I watched the movie; I don’t think there’s a dimension missing. I don’t feel like, I don’t watch it and go, you know, “It’s flat,” or it’s, you know, missing anything. So you know, we talked about it early on and it just didn’t seem like we needed to go there.

ISLA FISHER: I think the glasses are really uncomfortable. [LAUGHTER]

ABIGAIL BRESLIN: Like, it actually looks like, it looks so like lifelike anyway, like I think that it looks like 3D; it looked like the animals were there anyway. It looked really cool, I thought. And 3D makes me dizzy.

Is There a Chance of a Rango Sequel??

This is for Johnny and Gore. I noticed, looking through the Rango movie storybook, that he has a continuing adventure and goes to another town. Can we hope that there might be a Rango 2?


JOHNNY DEPP: I think that means yes.

GORE VERBINSKI: I don’t know. Let’s see if, you know, people like Rango – Rango. I’m not even going to call it Rango I.


PRESS: So there’s a possibility?

GORE VERBINSKI: Currently, not talking about it. I mean, it felt like, you know – I mean, if you just had a kid, would people say, you want – “How about twins?” [LAUGHTER] “We’re just – we’re still recovering.”

This question is for Isla. Can you tell us a little bit about creating the voice of Beans, and if you feel like having to cover your accent so frequently in films made it easier to do the characterization? And then I have a follow-up for Johnny.

ISLA FISHER: I kind of imagine Beans, if Clint Eastwood and Holly Hunter would have a love child, that would be Beans. And Gore, obviously-

JOHNNY DEPP: I’d like to watch that.


ISLA FISHER: If you were around. No, and then I just – the physicality of the character had already been created; I’d already seen – Gore presented me with 20 minutes of the movie, just linear drawings. So I knew, you know, how she moved. And then I was able to – you know, Gore was with me every step of the way vocally, and he was very specific about what he wanted. And no one ever wants to hire an Australian, so I’m just used to never doing my own voice, ever. [LAUGHTER]

ISLA FISHER: I mean, they do want to hire – oh, that came out wrong. They do want to hire Australians, obviously, but not with the accent. [LAUGHTER]

PRESS: But I was just wondering, for all the actors – how much of your characters did you get to see in terms of the artwork, before you started playing with them?

ABIGAIL BRESLIN: I saw a picture of Priscilla. And I would have done it based on like how – I mean, let’s face it, she’s a glamour girl. So she’s kind of gorgeous. You know, but I thought she was adorable. So I would have done it based on that. But yeah, I thought all the characters were pretty cute – but in a strange way, odd, but you know, cute. They’re not like cuddly, you know – it’s not like, you don’t want to like hold them, but – yeah.

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