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August 21st 2008   Posted by: Riikka   7 Comments

Rather overdue but Isla Fisher Web finally has a new layout up! I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful, feminine design created for us by Frederik and coded by Mycah. Thank you to both for their great help! I really appreciate it. :happy:

7 Responses to “New Version of Isla Fisher Web”

August 22nd 2008 Jolie left a Comment

Amazing layout ! ^^ Love it :happy:

August 22nd 2008 Jess left a Comment

super-pretty new layout! i love isla :biggrin:

August 22nd 2008 Ally left a Comment

It looks amazing!!

August 23rd 2008 Bri left a Comment


August 23rd 2008 Mariana left a Comment

Pretty pretty pretty!!!!

August 25th 2008 Romina left a Comment

Lovely layout! Well done to Frederik and Mycah 🙂

August 30th 2008 Mikaela left a Comment

such a cute layout <3<3 :love:

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