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Isla Fisher Web would like to wish all of our lovely visitors, as well as Isla and her loved ones, a very Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are filled with yummy food, shiny presents, and most importantly of all, lots of joy!

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Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has come first in a new poll to find the world’s hottest redhead.

The 35-year-old sexy star is best known for playing curvy secretary Joan Harris in the hit US show and she beat off competition from actress Mandy Moore, 26, and British singer Florence Welch.

The poll was carried out by Apollo Cinemas and Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis, 39, topped the boys poll after beating stars such as Paul Bettany, Mick Hucknall and Prince Harry.

Other stars that made the female poll included: Lily Cole, Lindsay Lohan, Geri Halliwell, Nicole Kidman, Nicola Roberts, Isla Fisher and Sarah Ferguson.

In the boys survey, stars such as Toby Stephens, Boris Becker, Rupert Grint, Joe Swash, Chris Evans and Paul Scholes also polled in the top ten.


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At the height of the McCarthy witch-hunts in the 1950s, the phrase ‘reds under the bed’ alluded to the idea that rabid communists were plotting revolution everywhere – and people wonder why America remains such a paranoid country.

Anyway, enough of foreign policy. Why keep redheads under a bed? That’s got to be illegal surely? Some equal opportunities board must be campaigning against this blatant discrimination.

Because, let’s face it, after one look at these flame-haired beauties, who hasn’t got mad copper-coloured hair love? Not us, for sure…

View the Red-Heads here!

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– From a new interview with

And while there’s a long list of people Hill would like to work with, at the top for female costars are Anne Hathaway, Natalie Morales and Isla Fisher.

“I really like Isla Fisher; I think she’s hysterical and really talented,” Hill said. “Anne Hathaway is the best out there right now.”

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Here’s a fun news tidbit – Isla has been voted ‘Hottest Ginge’ at the FIX Awards in Australia. The FIX awards are “Australia’s cheekiest awards”, on the FIX entertainment website. Isla received 31,506 votes in her category, beating out fellow gingers such as Nicole Kidman. Congrats Isla!

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Yesterday, February 3, 2010 was Isla’s 34th Birthday! We want to wish her a very happy (belated) birthday. Hope she had a wonderful day!

Also, this site celebrated two years online yesterday as well. Isla Fisher Web was launched on her birthday in 2008.

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Isla Fisher was featured as “Maxim‘s Girlfriend of the Day” yesterday, February 11, 2009. View her entry here.

Birthday: February 3, 1976
Hometown: Muscat, Oman

Get to Know Her: She’s appeared in such films as I Heart Huckabees, Horton Hears a Who!, Definitely, Maybe, and The Lookout. Most recently, she stars in Confessions of a Shopaholic, in theaters now. And, of course, who could forget her wild ways in Wedding Crashers? She had the best table manners we’ve ever seen.

Role Playing: “I actually did a couple of soap operas. On one of them, I played an anorexic incest-victim home-wrecking lesbian. And then the other one, I was in a bikini. I would go to school in a bikini. I would go to work in a bikini. If I went to a funeral, I’d be in a bikini.” – Late Night with David Letterman

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Today is Isla’s 33rd Birthday! We would like to wish her a very happy day and hope all her wishes come true!

Also today, February 3rd marks the one year anniversary of the site, Isla Fisher Web! Riikka and Maria started this site one year ago today.