Who (Aus) – May 6th 2019

WHO’s Most Beautiful: Isla Fisher reveals her husband’s romantic side
The actress also shares an honest opinion about post-baby bodies

She’s the girl-next-door Aussie redhead who’s managed to stay grounded since breaking into Hollywood through films like Scooby Doo and Wedding Crashers.

The actress opens up about why she believes beauty to be more than skin deep and why being a mum to her three children alongside husband, Sasha Baron Cohen is the most beautiful thing in her life.

Who are your beauty icons?

Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and Monica Bellucci. All those beautiful women with that hourglass figure and just ultimate glamour.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Conventionally, I feel most beautiful when I get my hair and makeup done for a red-carpet event and I get squeezed into a tailored dress. It’s a bit like a Cinderella story where you arrive one way and leave the other. But personally, I feel really beautiful when I’m just at home with my family, no makeup on and just playing in the playroom with my kids.

What’s the most beautiful thing about your husband?

He’s so kind hearted and it’s beautiful that he’s funny, but even more beautiful that he’s kind. He’s really considerate of me even if I try and do something nice for him. I booked him a massage on holiday and I’d already had a massage but he said ‘No I’ll take less time, so Isla can have another little massage’. He’s just very thoughtful.

Has your view on beauty changed since becoming a mum?

I definitely have stretch marks on my stomach and everything is different now. Even my feet are like, a size larger – and I’ve already got the longest feet! I’ve tried really hard to not be so critical because every stretch mark is the result of my favourite human beings so I’m eternally grateful.

What advice do you have for young women to embrace their individual forms of beauty?

When I was younger I followed beauty trends often with disastrous results. I once overly plucked my eyebrows, shaved the top part of my hair off and dyed just my fringe platinum blonde.

Now I’m a little older I prefer to embrace our individual forms of beauty. I think it’s hard to tell us apart if we all blow up our lips and get nose jobs. It’s better to just love the gifts you were given.

You were born to Scottish parents in Oman before moving to Australia when you were six. Do you think diversity is something beautiful to celebrate?

Even though there are now more beauty products for customers for all skin shades and gender identities we still have a long way to go. There is nothing more beautiful than inclusivity and celebrating our own (and each other’s) individuality.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever travelled to?

I have to say; the most beautiful country is obviously Australia and my favourite place is down south on the Margaret River in South Australia. It’s like my spiritual home, I love it so much and I feel so beautiful and confident when I’m there. It’s got such a link to my childhood and who I am.

Mother’s Day is coming up. How do you celebrate that?

My mum taught me this amazing thing, that self-care will make you a happier individual, wife and mother and I always think of her on Mother’s Day and try to do something nice as a treat for myself if I can’t be with my mum, but in honour of her wisdom. There’s also a tea shop in LA where you can get scones and tea and cake and I like to go there on Mother’s Day with my family and celebrate it that way.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I have a movie coming up with Steve Cooper and a bunch of other people called Greed and it’s directed by Michael Winterbottom and at the moment I’m in a movie with Matthew McConaughey called The Beach Bum but I don’t know whether we’ve got a release in Australia yet. It’s had mixed reviews but my friends saw it and they loved it.