Curb Your Enthusiasm (2020)

Isla plays Carol

Creator: Larry David
Genre: Comedy
Channel: HBO
Runtime: 26–58 minutes


Larry David stars as… Larry David, living the good life out in Los Angeles and stumbling through one faux-pas after another.



Larry David … as Larry
Richard Lewis … as Richard


Air Dates

Season 10 aired in 2020.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in one episode of this comedy series, playing a professional crier who dated main character Richard Lewis.

Season 10 Episode #5 – ‘Insufficient Praise’
Directed By: Jeff Schaffer
Story By: Larry David & Jeff Schaffer
Original Air Date: February 16th 2002
Run Time: 38 minutes
Viewing Figures:

Larry receives a problematic gift from Freddy Funkhouser, causes trouble with Richard’s new girlfriend, and offends one of Jeff’s A-list clients.



Curb Your Enthusiasm Curb Your Enthusiasm

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ScreenRant: “It was a typically strong comedic performance from Fisher, who’s made a name in the genre.”


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Isla did not do any promotion for this series.


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