Out Of Depth (2001)

Isla plays Australian Girl #1/Chrissy

Director: Simon Marshall
Writer(s): Simon Marshall
Genre: Thriller
Filming: Filmed in London from November 3rd to December 15th 1998.
Box Office:
Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating: Rated 18 in the UK


When his mother is attacked by Ed, a small time crook, Paul Nixon wants revenge. Frightened of the possible repercussions to both his personal and emerging professional life, Paul enlists the help of an old school friend, Steve. Together they visit Pussy Cat Lenny, a strip joint owner and gangland enforcer, and ask him to give Ed a slap. In setting up the beating, Lenny meets up with an old friend, a heavy villain called Tate. Tate also wants Ed, but this time he wants him dead. Lenny takes the contract. After the killing Lenny is forced to consider his future. The underworld, the only world he knows, is changing and he’s getting too old to change with it. When his son needs his help, Lenny realises his only way out is to force Paul to do him a favour. An act which has grave repercussions for all concerned.



Sean Maguire … as Paul Nixon
Danny Midwinter … as Steve
Nicholas Ball … as Lenny
Phil Cornwell … as Ed
Josephine Butler … as Sarah
Leigh Lawson … as Tate
Lucy Bowen … as Tina
Peter De Jersey … as Andy


International Release Dates

US – Premiered on April 14th 2001 at the WorldFest Houston.

UK – Released on June 29th 2001.


Character Information

Isla plays Australian Girl #1, whose name might be Chrissy, who comes into a bar with a friend and strikes up a conversation with Andy and Paul. When the guys reveal they fly planes, the girls push them for cheap tickets, then question them on who they work for, to which the boys joke about because they don’t want to reveal the truth.



Out Of Depth Out Of Depth Out Of Depth Out Of Depth Out Of Depth

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• Isla is only seen in one scene in a pub.

• Isla speaks with her Australian accent in this role.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “”


Quotes: Character

Tina: “So can you guys get us cheap flights? We don’t care where, do we Chrissy?”
Chrissy: “No! Anywhere!”

Paul: “About every six weeks, we fly to Amsterdam because uh, well there’s this gay brothel…”
Andy: [splurts out his drink] “I’m sorry, sorry, it’s the bubbles… [mumbles] … oh you don’t want to know, it’s a pilot thing.”
Chrissy: “Are you guys bullshitting us?”



BBC: “Thank goodness this British film is less about gangsters than about moving away from, or being ensnared by, one’s background, or it sure as hell would have been a complete dud. In fact, it’s only when a few thinly-scripted villains enter the frame that the focus and power of the film fall away.”


Fisher Fantastic

Not so much. Isla appears in one short scene, with only a few lines. In really one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ roles, and if you do blink, you won’t have missed much.



We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this film.


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