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Opened: February 3rd 2008 (Isla’s 32nd birthday!)
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Isla Fisher Web is an unofficial fansite dedicated to actress Isla Fisher. We started this site to show appreciation to Isla and her work. We have a comprehensive gallery with original and high quality materials, we offer media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Isla and her career. We strive to bring you an informative, often updated and fun fansite without being intrusive of Miss Fisher’s personal life.

The site was established by Riikka and Maria in 2008. Riikka became a fan of Isla Fisher in early 2007. She had always known of her but somehow never caught one of her movies – until coincidentally seeing many of her performances back to back. She just fell under Isla’s spell: she’s got a great screen presence, a fabulous comedic timing and an eye for fun roles. She also seems like such a down to earth lady who values her family and privacy – but does not take herself too seriously. We wanted to start this site because there simply were no active Isla sites and we wanted to both offer the fans an often updated site but also learn more about Isla ourselves. Unfortunately, Maria dropped out from the site later on and Mycah replaced her as the new webmistress. In 2010 Mycah and Riikka dropped out of the site, and the current owner was given the opportunity to take over.

I’ve been a fan of Isla’s since her days on Home & Away, and was really excited when she started to break into Hollywood. I’d wanted to start a site for Isla for many years but never did due to lack of time. When the opportunity came to take over Isla Fisher Web I couldn’t say no! My aim with this fansite is to try to capture the zest and vibrancy of Isla’s personality and public image to provide a fun and informative fansite, that appeals both to current fans, and those looking to find out more about Isla.

Why Isla Fisher, you ask? I loved her wild character Shannon in Home & Away, and she’s been a face I’ve grown up with seeing on screen. Since learning more about her in more recent years I’ve come to admire her dedication to comedy, the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her fierce protectiveness of her private life. There’s no doubt she’s hilarious on screen and she always lights up the screen and adds her own touch of hilarity. She’s also taken on more dramatic roles and shown talent there, but whatever the genre, Isla always seems to be at the heart of a movie, as seen perfectly in Definitely, Maybe. My favourite projects of hers are Home & Away, Definitely, Maybe, Confessions Of A Shopaholic and Wolf Like Me.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the people who have contributed to, inspired, or in some way helped with Isla Fisher Web. Your help has been invaluable and it’s these kind of contributions that have helped get Isla Fisher Web to where it is today! We’d particularly like to thank all of our visitors, Frederik, Nick, Once, James K, and everyone who has contributed photos/information/updates over the years.

All original information content on this site has been written by the staff over the years, and has been put together using interviews Isla has given.


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