Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions we most often get asked about Isla and the running of Isla Fisher Web. If you have a question about this site then please check to see if it is answered below, and if not then don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Do you know Isla Fisher?
– No, unfortunately we do not have any connection to Ms Fisher. We are just fans!

How can I contact Isla?
– All information on how to contact Isla has been posted on our Contact Isla page. You cannot contact her through this website!

‘Isla, can you send me your autograph please?’
– Please don’t email us asking for Isla’s autograph, as we are not her, nor do we have any contact with her! Unfortunately we are not able to help with autograph requests. You can try writing to her using these contact details, and some success has been had from other fans in receiving a reply.

Has Isla ever visited this site?
– Not that we are aware of, but you never know!

Does Isla have an official site? Is she on Twitter or Facebook?
– Isla can be found on Instagram at At this moment Isla does not have an official site, Facebook or Twitter page.

Can I contribute something to this site?
– Yes please! We are always looking for people who’d like to contribute to this site. All contributions are appreciated, and you can submit anything using the contact details here. Full credit is always given.

How can I register?
– At the moment, registration is not needed for any area of this site. However, you can register at the Gallery (click the ‘Register’ link in the top menu) to access additional Gallery features such as commenting, and sending photos as e-cards.

Do you know what Isla wore at [event name]? Where did her clothes in [movie name] come from?
– We are regularly asked this question, but are often unable to help. All information we have is posted on this site. We have a special page in our Style section that features all the outfits Isla has worn at public appearances, with the names of designers if we have been able to identify them. If no information is given then we don’t know the designer. Searching on Google may be your best bet in that case!

Why don’t you post candid photos of Isla?
– Isla has been very vocal in her dislike of the paparazzi, and in the candid photos we’ve seen of her she is more often than not trying to cover her face, or doesn’t look at all happy. Isla is well known for keeping her personal life very private, and we feel that, as fans, it is our duty to respect that. We have no interest in supporting something she is so against.