Style Rundown

The words that first pop into one’s mind when describing the style of Isla Fisher are girly and cute. Whether strutting her stuff in a glamorous gown on the red carpet or out and about with fiance Sacha and daughter Olive, Isla always manages to look classy and feminine. For public events, Isla often goes with an Old Hollywood glamour look, complete with red lipstick, feminine waves and a stunning gown. She always looks effortless and surprisingly comfortable. From bold shades of green to yellow and everything in between, Isla likes experimenting with colors and different cuts in her dresses and wears everything from floor lenght gowns to little black dresses. She does not shy from occasionally also wearing a pair of jeans on the red carpet.

During her free time, Isla Fisher is often photographed wearing skinny jeans, leggings, hoodies and cute little dresses. She loves boots, pumps and flats and often wears funky sunnies. As for the glamorous events, in real life Isla also seems to prefer girly and comfortable pieces. She does not come off as a someone who follows trends – she rather has her own unique look and sticks with it, no matter what the occasion.

Isla favors dresses for the red carpet, never going with a boring choice. She tries out many different colors and cuts and always looks fabulous!

“I tend to gravitate towards the simplicity of Calvin Klein. I love Stella McCartney too. Her clothes make women sexy, in a modest way. I shop on the high street but preferably not in stores that use sweatshops.” (2009)

“I still love what I wore to the London premier of Wedding Crashers even though I wore it years ago. It was a Chanel pale pink strapless dress. I also love this midnight blue Herve Legere number I wore to the Golden Globes when my husband won for Borat [2007].”