USA Today – March 30th 2007

For ‘Lookout’ star Fisher, it’s a Luvlee life

You know her as the sex-crazed “stage five clinger” in the 2005 smash Wedding Crashers. But in The Lookout, Isla Fisher, 31, shows her serious side as a former stripper who seduces a brain-damaged man.

Fisher, who’s engaged to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat), enjoyed getting dramatic for a change. Director Scott Frank cast Fisher because the actress, born in Oman but raised in Australia, “is a smart, beautiful firecracker.” On this spring afternoon, though, Fisher feels more like a wet blanket with a very, very bad cold.

Q: You sound so sick!

A: I’m in bed. I feel dreadful. I’m doing all the honey and lemon and taking all the vitamins. It’s so not glamorous.

Q: You play former stripper Luvlee Lemons. How’d you get into her head?

A: I was aware that that character could become a cliché. She’s a traditional femme fatale, the honey-trap. I realized that was one way of taking on the role. I decided to make her the opposite — someone who didn’t have a strong sense of identity. One of those women who mirror the men they’re with.

Q: Wedding Crashers was your big break. How did you end up in such a serious drama this time?

A: I got lucky. I wasn’t everyone’s first choice, at least on paper. I had a director who had the vision to imagine me playing someone other than a bipolar nymphomaniac.

Q: Did guys hit on you like mad after Crashers?

A: No, they were terrified. I was once in a grocery store, and I laughed and this guy literally jumped in the air. He was like, “I’m really sorry, but you have the same laugh as the girl from Wedding Crashers and you really scared me.”

Q: I know you putter around your L.A. house a lot. What else do you do?

A: I like having dinner parties. My specialty is probably boring old Italian.

Q: Are you and Sacha ever going to work together?

A: Never say never, but not right now.

Q: People are curious about you two. What are you always asked?

A: A question I find really stupid is if I’d rather go out with Borat, Bruno or Ali G. One is an anti-Semitic racist with a handlebar moustache. Another is a sexist idiot. And a gay Austrian. How is that a question I can answer?