The Sunday Mirror (UK) – July 17th 2005

Interrogation Isla Fisher

I’ll do a Britney and get hitched in Vegas

So come on then, spill the beans on any plans for your big day

Isla Fisher: Oh, I think Ill do it like Britney and just go to Vegas. No, Im kidding. Who knows? I dont have any answers, as I havent thought it through yet. All I know is I’ve ruled out wearing fairy wings. You see, when I was nine, I wanted to get married in fairy wings, but now I realise they’re not cool.

Are you going to wear a designer dress?
IF: Well, my mum rang me the other day asking me the exact same question, and I was like, Mum, lets talk about it at another juncture, because I dont know! I need more time. During the filming of Wedding Crashers, people kept asking me about my plans, and I felt like such a schmuck as I didnt have any answers not even funny ones.

In Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson crash your sisters wedding. Are you worried about people crashing yours?
IF: No. But I was thinking of not inviting Owen and Vince to my wedding only so I can see whether they can crash it successfully. My friends would love it!

Is Vince Vaughn as funny in real life as on screen?
IF: Yes, hes great. It was difficult to get a rapport in the beginning with Vince, because my eyes met his belly button, he’s so tall. Im only 5ft 2in I’m circus-freak short and Vince is 6ft 5in. But once we started performing together, it was great.

You two pull some great moves on the dance floor at the wedding party
IF: Vince and I took those scenes very seriously, and we became very competitive. We trained for six weeks with a dance teacher from Russia. I felt a little insecure, but he was so supportive.

Do you consider this movie your big break?
IF: Yes. I auditioned for it three times. I went in with my American accent and did my best. I acted out the scene where my character Gloria tells Jeremy (Vince) she’s a virgin. I decided to cry while I said it, which the director loved.

Have you ever been witness to any wedding disasters?
IF: When my mum remarried, for some reason, she put my brother, Daniel, in charge of the music. He thought it was amusing to play Guns N Roses Paradise City as she walked down the aisle.

Your fiance Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G) is Jewish. Does that mean youll be converting to Judaism?
IF: Yes, Im studying it at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. My best girlfriend, Arlene, studied theology and got me interested in religion. She’s quite an expert. I started studying religions years ago and became fascinated by it all. Judaism is such a beautiful, old religion thats so rich in culture. I don’t come from a religious household, but I did go to a Methodist high school. I’ve always had a strong spiritual sense.

Will you and Sacha have a Jewish wedding then?
IF: I havent really thought about it.

There are a lot of Australian actors in LA, such as Julian McMahon and Russell Crowe
IF: What’s Julian McMahon in again? (Nip/ Tuck) I dont have a TV set, so I dont know much about his work.

What about your Home And Away co-stars like Dannii Minogue?
IF: Both Dannii and Julian McMahon were in the soap 10 years before me. I know I’m old, but not that old I played a 14-year-old on Home And Away, when I was actually 19 or 20. Julian and Dannii probably played their real ages, which is why we never crossed paths.

Did you keep the school uniform?
IF: No. Are you kidding?

Who gets recognised more you or Sacha?
IF: It depends where I go. I think Im more recognisable because I have long red hair. Or people don’t recognise me until they hear my voice. The Australian accent gives me away.

Who makes you laugh?
IF: Im a big fan of Monty Python and Blackadder and all the other old British comedies. And I just love the Australian comedy show Kath & Kim. Its so good. Its one of the funniest Australian shows ever I love how they say, Look at me, Look at me.

Did you ever watch The Ali G Show?
IF: Yeah, I love The Ali G Show, obviously. But I also really enjoyed The Office. I even thought the American version was good.

Do you ever get homesick for Australia?
IF: Yeah, My friend Zo sends me big boxes of Tim Tams they are the best chocolate biscuits in Australia.

Do you follow any special diets or work-out routines?
IF: This year, I turned 29 and I noticed my body has changed. I definitely have to pay more attention to what I eat. So I’ve been eating better, and easing up on the carbs and junk food. I’ve never been a big sugar eater, but now I don’t stuff my face with quite as much passion and gusto as I used to. For exercise, I occasionally hike up Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.

Is there a cosmetic you absolutely cant live without?
IF: Im a big fan of the old Touche clat, by Yves St Laurent. It somehow illuminates your face and makes you look a lot younger.

What would you be doing if you werent acting?
IF: If I wasnt acting, Id probably be writing Chick Lit. I wrote some books for 12- year-old girls back when I was 18.

Is there an actor youd really like to do a love scene with?
IF: Well, Ive just worked with Christopher Walken and he was so charming.

So maybe you could line up an on-screen kiss with him?
IF: Actually, my co-star Rachel McAdams just won the MTV Award for Best Kiss, so I think I’d rather kiss her. She clearly knows what shes doing.

Wedding Crashers is out now


Who does the dishes in your house?
We have a dishwasher, but I’m not opposed to doing the odd bit of washing- up.

Do you fly first class or economy?
I guess it all depends on who’s paying, doesn’t it?

Marmite or Vegemite?
I suppose it would have to be Marmite, as I know I definitely don’t like Vegemite.

Have you ever worn sunglasses indoors?
No! Who on earth would do that? I wouldnt be able to see where I was going.