The Independent (UK) – March 24th 2002

Why are they famous? Isla Fisher

Main claim Aussie former soap starlet. Yes, another one. Isla Fisher is the pint-sized ginger-nut who used to be in Home and Away when people actually watched it.

Now knocking about in British light entertainment, she is the surprising new love interest of Ali G himself, Sacha Baron Cohen. Which makes Isla Fisher the real Me Julie. Wicked.

Ozzie rules
Isla was born in Saudi and raised in Perth. She has Scottish parents, four brothers, and her mother pens romantic novels. Enough already.

Carpe diem
Our heroine, 26, left Oz and lived with multi- millionaire’s son Anthony de Rothschild in London. She was the third soapie in a row to date Darren Day, love rat.

Wizards of Oz
Isla has starred in soaps, panto, kiddie TV, and writes teenie novels on the side. Frankly, we’re talking more Dannii than Kylie or Natalie here. But the child-like diva should go far. Being Ali G’s honey will help.

Fame prospects
Big it up for Me Julie