Parade – February 15th 2008

Isla Fisher Falls For Ryan

“Everybody is in love with Ryan Reynolds,” Isla Fisher told me. “I just think if you open the dictionary and look up the world ‘smoldering,’ you should see his name. He’s gorgeous.”

Isla should know—she and Ryan get romantic in “Definitely Maybe,” and she reveals that locking lips with her co-star was no problem. “More often than not, you have to manufacture this sort of fake chemistry with an actor you’re working with,” she says, “but not Ryan.”

So should Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) be worried? Hey, I know Isla adores her fiancé, who’s the father of her baby daughter Olive. She told me that becoming a mom was more than she ever expected. “I just think anything as momentous as motherhood changes your perspective on life,” she says. “It’s absolutely amazing. And it’s my favorite topic, but I don’t really talk about it publicly only because I want Olive to be as protected as she can be from the craziness of the business.”

Now, we’re all guessing—when Isla and Sacha will walk down the aisle, will she invite her “ Wedding Crasher” co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson or leave them off the list to see if they’ll crash it?

I think one of the reasons Sacha and Isla seem made for each is they share the same sense of humor. “I don’t have many boundaries on what I’ll joke about in my personal life,” she says. Now we’ll see how far she and her idol SNL’s Amy Poehler push the envelope in “Groupies,” the comedy they’ve co-written. “It’s a little like ‘Dumb and Dumber’ with two women,” she says. “ Amy and I run a fan club for this rock band, and we are the world’s worst groupies.”

Last but not least, you can hear Isla in the animated “Horton Hears A Who,” but don’t tell her she looks like her character out of Dr. Seuss. “She’s furry and purple. Do I look purple? It means you’re sexually frustrated if you wear purple. I just read it in some book.” Well, so much for a purple wedding dress.