GQ – February 2009

This Woman is Marrying Borat?!

Isla Fisher—‘Wedding Crashers’ hottie and the future Mrs. Sacha Baren Cohen—offers to circumcise our writer

Before I can even find Isla Fisher in the winding lobby of L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel, she’s already been mistaken for Amy Adams (wrong redhead!) and accosted by a dirty old man eating a tuna melt. All of which has left the 32-year-old actress more amused than shaken. No surprise there.

Whether it was the seasons spent on Australian teen soaps or her years with Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen (with whom she has a 15-month-old daughter), Fisher knows how to roll with it. She’s a nimble and accomplished improviser who clung and flung herself into frat-movie immortality in Wedding Crashers and is now bringing her unscripted charm to her first big lead, in Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s a performance that’ll make Reese Witherspoon sweat and Rachel Bilson bitch out her agent; the kind of role—funny, female, flawed—that Fisher contends is too scarce at the moment. So, lately, she’s taken it upon herself to create her own good parts: She’s currently writing a script, Groupies, with Amy Poehler. “It’s about classic, overconfident dum-dums lusting after a band,” she explains. “There’s a restraining order against them, but they’re in total denial.”

While Fisher is clearly one of the funniest redheads in Hollywood, she won’t even entertain the idea that she could ever outwit her famous fiancé. “He’s always funnier than me,” she insists. She’s also not one to share much of their life together. The world has already made too much of her conversion to Judaism for marriage. “The entire story is ridiculous,” she says. “I converted three years ago.” I confess that I’m married to a Jew but haven’t converted. “I’m willing to do a circumcision here,” she says. “Get me a sharp knife and some ice and you won’t even feel it.”