Glamour UK Twitter Chat – June 19th 2013

Interview: Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher Twitter Takeover

Find out what happened when the stars of the magical new movie Now You See Me (out 3 July 2013), Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg, took over @GLAMOURMagUK…

Did you do any preparation to do your own stunts?

Isla: Yes I studied Dorothy Dietrich, a US illusionist.

Jesse: I studied with a sleight of hand expert to learn.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Isla: Goldie Hawn or my mother!

Does Henley wear gloves so often for any particular reason?

Jesse: Germs.

Isla: She’s germ-phobic.

Can you analyse the relationship between Daniel and Henley?

Isla: Henley has unrequited love.

Jesse: My character feels threatened.

If you had to choose a famous person to play you in a movie of your life. Who would you pick?

Isla: Jesse Eisenberg.

What song always makes you happy when you hear it?

Isla: Daft Punk, Get Lucky.

Jesse: Cab Fare.

What was your favourite trick to perform in the movie?

Isla: The bubble stunt! Go see it to find out what that is.

Jesse: A snap-change. It looks simple, but requires months of practice.

Are there any traits you would take from your characters and give yourself?

Jesse: Dexterity.

Isla: A full face of make-up at all times.

What projects do you guys have lined up next?

Isla: I have a movie with Jennifer Aniston coming out.

Jesse: I am putting on a play [The Revisionist].

The chances of a sequel?

Isla: High.

Jesse: Really? It’s the kind of movie that allows the possibility of a sequel. Wonderful plot elements.

What’s the nicest thing a fan has done or said to you?

Isla: They set up websites devoted to you and write nice things!

One thing about each other that you learned while making this movie?

Jesse: Isla is hysterical.

Isla: That he loves the colour maroon.

Did you guys come up with backstories?

Jesse: We worked together to create a complicated history to help improvise on set.

What are your favourite things about your characters?

Isla: Her fearlessness and her love of gloves.

Jesse: I like how he took his work so seriously.

Who’s your favourite magician?

Isla: David Blaine or Houdini.

What does Isla miss about Australia?

Isla: Bondi Beach.

Who was the best at magic tricks on set?

Jesse: Dave Franco. He can throw a card & slice a banana in half.

What’s your favourite line from the movie?

Isla: “First rule of magic: always be the smartest man in the room.”

What’s the biggest challenge you faced?

Isla: Being submerged in a tank of CGI piranhas while handcuffed.

Isla and Jesse: Thanks so much for allyour questions everyone! Check out our movie #NowYouSeeMe out 3 July 2013