Fox News – November 14th 2012

Isla Fisher plays the Tooth Fairy in new movie, but not sure she’ll tell her kids there’s one

NEW YORK – Actress Isla Fisher has been in over-the-top comedies, romantic comedies, and dramas over the years, but her latest role playing the Tooth Fairy in the holiday-timed “Rise of the Guardians” may be her favorite. As a mother of two and wife to funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen, she has one creative household. Fisher tells Fox 411 about introducing family traditions, and how she’s not sure if the mythical Tooth Fairy will be one of them.

Fox 411: Did you have the Tooth Fairy growing up?

Isla Fisher: Yes I did… I feel like the first tooth that my mom put money under my pillow and the rest of the time it was just like ‘mom I lost a tooth’ and she’d dig in her bag and just give me 20 cents or a dollar or something.”

Fox 411: What in your house now, is that something that you’re going to do?

IF: I don’t know yet. I think it just, I haven’t decided yet. We’re just getting teeth, we’re not losing them yet.

Fox 411: Are traditions like that important to you, to keep going?

IF: Well, it’s funny because before I had kids I would say it’s a no brainer, I’m definitely going to do the Tooth Fairy thing. And once you have kids it’s just super hard to lie to them, like I’ve never lied to my kids about anything. Luckily they haven’t asked me about the birds or the bees or anything that I would find challenging to be honest about. But I don’t know. It’s a big question whether or not, you know, a part of them maybe doesn’t trust you ever again once you finally break that news that you created a mythical creature that’s been visiting them every tooth they lost for years.

Fox 411: You obviously have a very creative household, would you guys ever establish your own traditions, not related to a “normal” holiday.

IF: (jokes) Just have Borat day, Borat where everybody just wears a green thong! We do have a lot of family rituals and they’re kind of personal, but we do. We definitely enjoy those.

Fox 411: Obviously you’ve mixed up your roles, covered the gamut, so is doing a film like this inspired because you have kids?

IF: No, this movie, I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Katzenberg and Dreamworks, obviously, and I love the artwork for this and the pitch for this. For me it was like wow, it felt like this could be a classic movie, the themes in the movie. Protecting child innocence, fear versus hope… there were no popular culture references, there were none of the usual slapstick-y cartoon stuff. It just felt like this is sweetly earnest.

Fox 411: Why do you think this could be a parent and kid movie and appeal to both?

IF: I think that kids should be over 6 or 7 to see this movie, definitely, because there are some frightening elements. But I think that mothers and fathers and grandparents and everyone will get something from this film. Because we all connect to these figures, you know. They’ve all been a part of our childhoods.