Chicago Sun Times – February 10th 2008

FIVE QUESTIONS | Isla Fisher, Borat’s fiancee, shows her funny bone

There’s no “definitely, maybe” about Isla Fisher becoming a name that’s bandied around Hollywood. The redheaded native of Oman and significant other to Borat is a young actress on the rise. She stars next weekend opposite Ryan Reynolds in the romantic comedy “Definitely, Maybe,” about a young father looking for love, and has the lead role in the film version of the best-selling book Confessions of a Shopaholic out later this year.

Fisher, whose first name is pronounced EYE-lah, was born to Scottish parents in Oman and then her family moved to Australia when she as a little girl. She stole screen moments from Vince Vaughn as his wigged-out girlfriend in “The Wedding Crashers.”

Of course, her famous fiance — Sacha Baron Cohen — and then having baby Olive with Borat himself made her an international star. “I just don’t talk about my private life at all. Motherhood is my favorite topic, but in private. I don’t want to draw any extra attention to my daughter. I don’t want to disappoint people, but that’s just for us,” she says. “I can tell you that Sacha makes me laugh more than anyone else in the entire world.”

1 In “Definitely, Maybe” you play April, who seems to be a girl as upfront as you are in real life.

I love that she’s a character who says what she thinks. It’s funny but I always seem to play these characters who have less social etiquette than others. They’re very naughty. April is more of a real girl and in some ways that was even tougher to do. She’s emotional. But I love great, flawed people who can really inhabit the emotional landscape.

2 How did you get started in the business? Do you remember your first job ever?

When I was a little girl I had big ears and I decided to deal with that by making other people laugh with me. I was just always having fun with people. By the time I was 9, I begged my mom to do commercials and even did a small role on an Australian TV series.

3 Is it tough for you to be half of a famous couple? It seems that you get mobbed wherever you go — and now especially with the baby.

We’re in New York now and it’s great that I can walk around and no one really cares. I love that fact. In Los Angeles, it’s a bit different because the paparazzi really does follow you around. In New York, you’re just a face in the crowd. I’m someone who likes to keep my private life as private as possible. So, I don’t go to places where the paparazzi tends to be at all. I feel like I have my own life away from all of it.

4 Do you and Sacha have any plans to work together? And who is the funny one at home?

I would really like to keep work separate from my private life. We do ask each other for opinions when it comes to work. I go, “Listen, there’s a role for a redheaded girl, and I think I would be really good in that part.” Yes, I do make a lot of jokes at home. I hold my own when it comes to getting the laughs. I definitely enjoy comedy and having a great laugh. I love going to see comedy films, and I love being around funny people.

5 What do you miss the most about living in Australia?

We’re in London and America now. I do feel homesick for Australia for many reasons. They do have these Australian biscuits that you can only get there. They’re sooo good. You don’t even know how good they are, so I won’t begin to tell you!