British Airways The Club – October 2016

A word with… Isla Fisher

The Wedding Crashers actress, Isla Fisher talks shooting films in Australia, visiting family on Greek islands and relocating to Japan

Where’s home for you?
I am based out of Los Angeles, but I go to Europe often as my family lives there. My mother and brothers live in Greece. They have a business in Athens and another on Syros. The island is my favourite spot in Europe. It’s steeped in history and there are hardly any tourists.

Where have you most enjoyed working?
I shot The Great Gatsby in Sydney and it was so nice to be home. My favourite thing to do is the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. I always tell friends who haven’t visited [Australia] to swim off the Whitsunday Islands and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Uluru (Ayres Rock) is breathtaking, as are Sydney’s botanical gardens.

What has been your best holiday ever?
Tuscany – there is no shortage of simple yet wonderful cuisine. And there are the coast and rolling hills, vineyards and monasteries, truffle tasting, and ancient towns such as Cortona and San Gimignano.?

And your most memorable hotel stay?
The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand. I will never forget the smell of flowers everywhere and incredible breakfasts on the quiet bank of the Chao Phraya River.?

Which destination is top of your bucket list?
I’ve never been to India, and I am dying to see Kerala and the Taj Mahal. One of my favourite things about spending so much time in London is eating great Indian food.

Adventure vs relaxing holidays?
A mixture of both. I love to relax, but in a place where you can be adventurous. My last holiday was in Corsica. It has so much natural beauty with the red rock, rolling hills, dense forests and glittering beaches. My ideal holiday includes a ban on mobile phones.

Where would you relocate to?
I spent a month in Japan in my early twenties and fell in love with it – the food, the people, the cherry blossom and temples. The high-speed trains make exploring easy. There are vending machines everywhere, even at the top of a mountain after a hike!

Which country has surprised you the most?
Israel. The food was delicious and the beaches are so beautiful. There are natural wonders, from the Dead Sea to the desert, and then there’s Jerusalem and the nightlife in Tel Aviv. It’s spectacular.

Isla’s book Marge in Charge is out now. Her film Keeping up with the Joneses is in cinemas this month.