Read through lots of facts and interesting bits of information that you might not have known about Miss Isla Lang Fisher:

– Says Borat is the “funniest movie I’ve ever seen.”

– When asked if she prefers Sacha Baron Cohen or Borat, Isla joked, “I’ve got to go with Borat.”

– Admitted she didn’t rush to lose her baby weight, saying “That’s just so not me.”

– Loves Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson and Calvin Klein. Her favourite designer is Colette Dinnigan, because “her dresses are always very feminine, beautifully beaded and bohemian.”

– Loves dressing up for the red carpet because it makes her feel like a princess.

– Says her dream roles are Imelda Marcos, Katharine Hepburn (“Cate Blanchett did such an amazing job with that one already, though”), Joan of Arc and Babe the Pig in the “Babe” movies.

– Credits her time at a ‘clown school’ in Paris as helping her to feel more comfortable with comedy.

– Says she had large ears as a child!

– Is good friends with Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Tobey Maguire.

– Has four brothers, two of which are stepbrothers.

– Was credited in special thanks for Borat (2006).

– Was a huge Elvis fan as a teenager. She apparently told people that she was going to ‘marry that man’ … unaware that he was already dead!

– Seeing Ann-Margret on screen inspired her to start acting.

– Is obsessed with Juno and Ellen Page.

– Was engaged to Darren Day in 1998-1999.

– Says that she will never work together with Sacha Baron Cohen. “I feel like working together is the kiss of death.”

– Loves Morocco.

– Replied no when asked if a guy ever tried to pick her up at a wedding (during a promotional interview for Wedding Crashers).

– Says she has a “girl crush” on Reese Witherspoon.

– Likes the Natural History Museum in London because she finds it “useful to remind myself that I am smaller than a blue whale.”

– Finds 3D glasses “uncomfortable”!

– In 2010/2011, Isla spent some time shadowing director Judd Apatow.

– Trained at the Jacques Lecoq theatre college in Paris in the 90’s. Geoffrey Rush and Emma Thompson also studied there, which helped inspire Isla to enroll.

– Isla would love to play Frankenstein, but she would “put a really different slant on him — make him a lady with red hair.” (We’re not sure whether she was joking or not here!)

– Her shopping weakness is books, and she admits that she’ll buy another copy if she misplaces one of her favourites!

– Calls the green mankini from Borat the “greatest fashion disaster of all time, for anyone”.

– Said Australia the movie is “visually incredible”.

– Isla’s best girlfriend, Arlene, studied theology and got her interested in religion, which helped lead her to study Judaism.

– Says she’s not a big fan of junk food or sugary things.

– Makes a “mean chicken soup” and roast chicken, she says.

– Loves shopping for bags, but when she’s done with them she passes them onto other people.

– Once considered studying Psychology and becoming a Psychologist.

– Naomi Watts nicknames Isla her “little sister”!

– Isla is good at horse-back riding.

– Would like to work with Spike Jonze and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

– Considered studying at RADA in London, but decided that wasn’t really her.

– Describes herself as an “easy laugh”.

– Stated in 2007 that she loves auditioning, and prefers to earn a role that way and deserve it, rather than just be handed it.

– Isla once dated banking heir Anthony de Rothschild and Home & Away co-star Shane Ammann, who played Curtis. Funnily enough, their characters on the show dated too. Shane Ammann also starred in Paradise Beach, as did Isla.

– Isla was a celebrity audience guest on ITV’s live show An Audience With The Bee Gees in 1998, and asked the group a question.

– Isla and various other stars took part in a pre-recorded send up of Riverdance at the 1997 Logie Awards.

– Isla apparently likes rain, Thai food, pizza, Coke, Leprechauns, stars and baby elephants.

– Lists Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman as two of her favourite comediennes in Hollywood.

– Is inspired by actresses including Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep.

– Isla was moved to tears upon meeting US Olympic gymnast gold-medallist Aly Raisman at the Bachelorette premiere in 2012.

– Isla says her favourite perk of being a celebrity is getting free beauty products.

– Isla is a big fan of her Bachelorette co-star Kirsten Dunst – much to Kirsten’s embarrasment during their promotional interviews for the movie! Isla lists Dick, Bring it On and Drop Dead Gorgeous as her favourite comedies of Kirsten’s.