Isla Fisher is very protective of her personal life and does not wish to discuss her relationship with Sacha Baron Cohen or her children in detail in the media and we wish to respect the family’s wishes. As Isla says: “Motherhood is my favorite topic. In private! But publicly, I don’t want to talk about it. Because I don’t want to draw any extra attention to her. She didn’t choose to be born into… you know. She deserves her anonymity!” Here you can, however, read up a little bit about Isla’s funnyman husband and their children.

Sacha Baron Cohen (born October 13, 1971) is an English comedian, writer and actor most noted for his comic characters Borat (a Kazakh reporter), Ali G (a junglist-hip hop gangsta wannabe from suburban Staines) and Bruno (a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter). Isla and Sacha began dating in 2002 after meeting at a party in Sydney, and the couple announced their engagement in late 2003. They were married on March 15th 2010 in Paris, in a small, private Jewish ceremony with only their daughter, Olive, and a few family and close friends in attendance. Isla, who says that she did not grow up in a religious household, has converted to Judaism after years of study, and has received the approval of Baron Cohen’s observant Jewish parents. “Judaism is such a beautiful, old religion thats so rich in culture,” says Isla, who also says that Judaism has “enriched my life enormously.” “I would do anything – move into any religion – to be united in marriage with him. We have a future together, and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned,” commented Isla in 2004. According to Baron Cohen, “I wouldn’t say that I am a religious Jew, but I’m still proud to be Jewish.”

Isla says that her relationship with Sacha is “pretty nomadic” and quips that a 30cm height difference “doesn’t generally keep people apart”. In fact, she often jokes that she looks like a “circus freak” next to him, and was even mistaken for his daughter at a Hollywood party several years ago! Fisher comments that her personal life “is very important to me and it definitely comes first” but that she and Baron Cohen live separate professional lives and don’t advise each other on their work. They share a love of humour, among other things, and Isla says that “Sacha makes me laugh more than anyone, which is why I’m marrying him.” She adds that she and Sacha are “probably very similar in that we hide our feelings behind humour.” Indeed, Sacha was the one that encouraged Isla to go for more comedy roles in her career, as he thought she was really funny. Isla recalls him telling her ‘You are so funny, you need to be looking for comedic roles.’ She took this as a big compliment because she thinks of him as being so funny, and trusted and followed his advice.

The couple are notoriously private and rarely speak about each other or their personal lives in interviews. Isla is known to politely tell reporters not to ask her about it. However, she occasionally alludes to the perils of being married to someone so daring, saying that “Obviously it’s not pleasant to say to your husband – instead of ‘Did you pick up the dry cleaning?’ or ‘Did you pick up someone from a play date?’ – ‘Oh wow are we getting sued? Has anyone put a death threat on us?’” She has also told of Sacha’s embarrassing fauxpas’s at celebrity events they go to, sarcastically saying that they are “really fabulous” – “Once, at the Golden Globes, he asked Cate Blanchett what she did for a living,” she continues, “Another time Jack Black invited him to a screening of a movie but before it started, this heavy-set lady gave a really long speech. Then Jack got up at the end and just thanked everyone for coming. Sacha asked why Jack had made such a short speech and told him he should have ‘shut up the lady with the massive boobs’. Jack said she was his mother. So Sacha said, ‘Well, Isla always wanted to have big boobs!’ He was trying to deflect things.” Sacha, who rarely gives interviews as himself, once hinted at his relationship with Isla at the Sydney premiere of Borat in 2006, when speaking as Borat, he said “I would very much like to find an Australian wife. My preference is for woman who has more hair on head than back.” The couple attended the 2016 Oscars together, and teamed up to sneak Sacha’s Ali G costume in for him to present in. Sacha explained how Isla was integral to this, saying “The Oscars sat me down beforehand and said they didn’t want me to do anything out of order, they wanted me to actually just present it as myself. But luckily my wife put on the Ali G beard in the disabled toilets and I managed to get away with it. What would I do without her?” Sacha and Isla regularly attend public appearances together including the premieres of each others films.

On October 19th 2007, Isla gave birth to her first child in Los Angeles, a daughter they named Olive. The couple welcomed a second daughter into the world in August 2010, and named her Elula Lottie Miriam. Elula is the Hebrew word for August, after the month she was born in. And 2015 saw the birth of their first son, Montgomery Moses Brian Cohen. True to their intensely private nature, Isla and Sacha have not confirmed any information about their children, they haven’t released any approved photographs of them, nor do they talk about them publicly. Isla says that she loves being a mother and will be very picky with her roles to be able to spend as much time with her children as possible.

The family splits their time between London, Los Angeles and New York, with Isla saying that “roots mean much more to me, just because it’s easier to get more sleep that way with a baby.” When asked whether she plans to work with her husband, Isla tells “We work together in so many other areas in our life that I’m happy to do my own thing and have him do his own thing”; the two changed their mind and were seen on screen together in Grimsby in 2016.

Isla’s mother and siblings live and work in Athens, Greece, while her father lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

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