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December 31st 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Here’s another batch of Shannon Home & Away episodes for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know about you, but these make me feel very nostalgic! I even remember watching some of them on TV way back then!

Episode 1823
Shannon and Alex’s relationship continues to develop. Jack tries to deal with Chloe’ return.

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December 30th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Browsing YouTube rarely fails to bring up some nice treats, and I have found some worth their own post today! I’ve just come across a batch of old Home & Away episodes featuring Miss Isla as the memorable Shannon. Here are some, and check back tomorrow for more!

Episode 1738
Shannon tells Pippa and Michael that she is leaving because she has been nothing but trouble. The new maths teacher arrives and Marilyn is very pleased to see him.

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November 21st 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

From some of the official Bored To Death tweets, it sounds like Isla’s episode for the show will be airing either tonight or next week! She stars in episode 23, entitled ‘Forget The Herring’, of the 3rd season of the show. A video preview of the episode has been posted online and you can watch it below.

I’ll be sure to let you know asap in the coming days if Isla’s episode did indeed air tonight, and if it does you can expect screencaps up here very soon.

September 19th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

I’ve just come across this 12-minute long video of footage from the set of Bachelorette, filmed on the same day as the photos posted in our previous update were taken. Have a watch:

September 2nd 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Remember the photos we had a few months ago of Isla filming for HBO’s Bored To Death? Well they have just released a video preview of their new upcoming Season 3, and we get a brief look at Miss Fisher! We don’t get any details on her character/role/episode yet though, but I’ll be on the lookout and will post further news and info as I find it.

Screencaps from this preview will be added to the Gallery very soon. have now been added to the Gallery.

Go on set with the cast and crew of “Bored To Death.” The new season premieres on Monday, October 10th. For more on Bored to Death, log onto


Bored To Death (2011) > Season 3 Preview – Screencaptures x4

August 18th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

As part of our Gallery/Video change-up, our Video section has changed URL and can now be found at The permanent link to the Videos page can be found on our new Media section index. As explained before, the Gallery and Videos are now separate. The new Gallery is almost ‘complete’ and will be open and online for you within the next day or so!

I will be adding all the most recent (ie from the last 2 years!) videos to the Videos Archive once the Gallery is open and the content is more complete. In the meantime, you can browse back through numerous videos that we’ve posted since then in our News Archives.

August 8th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Whilst searching for some old Isla goodies the other day, I came across a real treat – clips from one of her very first (if not her first – depends on the dates!) TV roles! They are 3 short but fantastic clips from Paradise Beach, in which Isla played Robyn back in 1993. On top of that, there is a behind the scenes video showing the cast on their last day of filming, and some of them, including Isla, record messages for their cast members. Looks like Robyn was an interesting character for Isla to play … just watch the clips from the last episode!

These are a real vintage Isla Fisher treat, so enjoy!!

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July 27th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Whilst browsing for Burke & Hare videos earlier, I came across an Australian trailer for the film that I hadn’t posted here before. The film was released in Isla’s home country back in May.

I also found a clip from the film.

We’ll have screencaps from the DVD (which is available to buy in the UK now) in the next few weeks … 🙂

Burke & Hare – Australian Trailer by Paramount_Australia

Burke & Hare-Can I See You Again by Paramount_Australia