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This isn’t exactly ‘news’, but it is slightly interesting none-the-less!

Isla Fisher’s hair shade is set to be one of the most popular this season.

The flame-haired beauty has helped put red hair back on the style map, along with the likes of Julianne Moore and Christina Hendricks.

Celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham thinks more people than ever will opt for the fiery shade in Fall and Winter.

“Christina put this colour on the map and now it’s finally filtering down to the high street,” she explained. “Look to Isla for inspiration: hers is a favourite look of mine and it’s going to be huge this season.”

Although the colour looks hot, upkeep can be difficult. Red fades quickly so it’s important devotees go for regular salon trips and keen their tresses in tip top condition.

“Red fades the fastest because, as a synthetic colourant, it’s the furthest from a natural hue and needs to be maintained and refreshed often, or it will lose its vitality,” she told InStyle.

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As I posted about a couple of days ago, Rango is released on DVD/blu-ray combo this coming Friday (July 15th). Well today you have the chance to win a copy here at Isla Fisher Web! Thanks to Sharon at M80 and Paramount Home Entertainment, we have ONE copy of the DVD/blu-ray to give away to a lucky US visitor.

To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Isla said she imagined her character Beans as the lovechild of two Hollywood stars – who?

You can find the answer by browsing our News Archives for Rango.

Email your answers to me at making sure the subject line of your email reads ‘RANGO Contest’. This contest is only available to US residents.

The contest is open for 2 weeks, and closes on Friday 29th July 2011. The winner will be contacted asap after that date, and asked for their address so their DVD can be shipped to them.

Good luck!

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Isla Fisher was mistaken for her husband’s daughter at a party.

The 35-year-old actress – who has a three-year-old daughter Olive and another girl, aged around eight months, with spouse Sacha Baron Cohen – was amazed to be refused alcohol and taken to a special room at the first showbiz event she attended with the 39-year-old British funnyman, who she has been in a relationship with since 2002.

She said: “My first Hollywood party was awesome. It was for the director Sofia Coppola and was just walk-to-wall with shiny, fabulous people.

“I came to the front door with Sacha, and the hostess goes, ‘Sacha, you go through to this room and you come with me.’

“And she grabs my hand and takes me to this room filled with 12 year olds – not even 15 year olds! – and goes, ‘Sit here. Would you like a drink?’ So I go, ‘Can I have a glass of wine?’ and she goes, ‘No, you cannot.’ She thought I was Sacha’s daughter, basically.”

The ‘Rango’ star also admitted she doesn’t usually enjoy celebrity parties because they are so tame.

She told Elle magazine: “Most people don’t know that Hollywood parties end at 10pm. I’d rather see a movie.”

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The stunning actress converted to Judaism in order to marry her partner Sacha Baron Cohen last year. Isla became engaged to the comedian in 2004, and studied for three years before completing her conversion in early 2007. The 35-year-old star took on the Hebrew name Ayala, the Hebrew word for Doe.

Isla has joked she is so enamoured with the religion that she’s thinking of becoming a rabbi.

“You study, then have a test. In fact, I’m thinking of becoming a mohel. [Pause] If you knew what a mohel was, you’d laugh. It’s a rabbi who circumcises boys,” she told the April edition of Elle.

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Isla Fisher says she became a comic actress because of her husband.

The Wedding Crashers star – who shot to fame in Australian TV drama series Home and Away – insists she has always made her friends laugh.

However, she only thought of it as a direction for her career when spouse Sacha Baron Cohen encouraged her to try out for a comedy role.

“I’ve always been the clown with my friends, but it was Sacha who said, ‘You’re the funniest girl’,” she said.

“He said not many women are willing to make a fool of themselves, so he pushed me in that direction and then my first audition was Wedding Crashers and that was it.”

Fisher – who has a three-year-old daughter Olive and another girl, Elula, aged around eight months, with her spouse – also insisted she is very choosy about the roles she takes on and is happy not to be a workaholic.

“Am I a workaholic? I’m exactly the opposite,” she told Elle magazine.

“I’m pretty choosy about what I do, which probably comes from years of having no choices.”

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Isla Fisher has joked that with so many Australians in Los Angeles the casting couch is a thing of the past – it’s all about the “tenderness” of barbequed food now.

The Australian actress has forged a successful career in the US, notably starring as a psychotic girlfriend in 2005’s Wedding Crashers. The star, who is married to Sacha Baron Cohen, quickly settled into life in America as she has so many friends from her homeland there.

Isla has laughed about the stereotype of Australians loving outdoor cooking, joking it even affects the parts they get. She quipped the infamous casting couch – where stars allegedly swapped sexual favours for roles – is no more, as movies bosses are now only interested in how well actors can barbeque.

“You know, we have a bunch of Koala Mafia over here: a bunch of LA-based Aussies. All my favourite actresses are Australian. They can emote – and throw a good barbie. Instead of the casting couch it’s the tenderness of the shrimp,” she told the April edition of Elle.

Isla began her acting career on Australian soap Home and Away, where she stayed for three years. She isn’t embarrassed by her beginnings, stating her time on the show assisted her eventual move to Hollywood.

“I’m not ashamed of my past. It’s a fact that I was on a soap for so long. And you learn your craft in the most difficult way, because on a feature film there’s more time to prepare and you get a lot more help,” she added.

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Isla Fisher has “never aspired” to win an Oscar.

The ‘Rango’ star says although she respects actors who are nominated for Academy Awards for their roles in dramatic films, she prefers acting in comedies because she loves playing the “idiot”.

She told BANG Showbiz: “I just love tapping into my inner-idiot! It’s fun. I’ve never aspired to have an Oscar. I love dramatic movies, I appreciate them, I love dramatic actors and actresses but I really love comedy.”

The Australian beauty – who is married to actor Sacha Baron Cohen and has children, Olive, two and an unnamed daughter who is around six months old – even revealed she once wanted to be a clown and studied the art of being funny in France.

She explained: “I studied at clown school in Paris, I wanted to be a clown. I never thought I’d be in movies, I love doing movies. I feel so blessed and grateful for every second, but I’m just a comedy fan.”

Meanwhile, Isla, 35, says her main focus is her children and she will put them before work, accepting only scripts that really interest her.

The redhead said: “Now that I’m a mum I don’t want to be away from the kids. I only work if I really love the scripts or the character or the director.”

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Isla Fisher plans to take her children to see her new movie because they’re “light years” ahead of other kids.

The actress has two children with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, three-year-old Olive and another daughter born last September whose name has not been made public.

Although the couple are famously private about their personal life, Isla has admitted becoming a mother has influenced her work choices. She is currently promoting animated movie Rango, in which she voices the character of Beans, and can’t wait for her offspring to see it.

“Yeah being a mother totally influences me. Now that I’m a mom I don’t want to be away from the kids so I only work if I really love the script, love the character, love the director,” she told Cover Media.

“Oh yeah, yeah [the kids will see this].They’re ready for it, they’re very sophisticated, light-years ahead of where they should be.”

Johnny Depp voices the title character of the movie. Rango is a chameleon and joins forces with Beans to work out why their town no longer has a water supply.

Isla loved working on the animation as it meant she didn’t need to worry about watching herself back on the big screen.

“To see yourself as a lizard is a very surreal experience. And it was so nice because I was able to enjoy my own performance,” she laughed. “Normally when you watch yourself on camera, I think at least when you’re magnified to that degree you just question why all the features in your face have been clustered together, there’s just so many things… it’s hard.”

Rango is released in the UK on March 4.