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The Huffington Post have another interesting article about the reaction to Bachelorette. THey accompany it with a new photoshoot of Isla, Kirsten, Lizzy and writer/director Leslye Headland! The photoshoot was taken on September 5th in New York City … you’ll recognise Isla’s dress as the one she wore on Good Morning America that same day.

Director Leslye Headland Tells Bachelorette’s Most Shocking Moment: ‘I Did Not Direct That!’

Leslye Headland’s debut film, Bachelorette, starring Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan has audiences so virulently divided that it makes Moses look like he merely parted a kiddie pool.

Bachelorette doesn’t wait to announce to the audience that it had better buckle up. In an opening scene, about-to-be bridesmaid Gena is on a plane, seated next to a man whose name in the credits is listed as “Barely Attractive Guy.” What Gena delivers next is a philosophical and extremely graphic dissertation on blow jobs, using a blow-job-o-meter of 1-10, and lists her reasons for never exerting more effort than a 6 with the intensity of a woman arguing for the development of a democratic governmental state. And as one watches, wide-eyed, giggling nervously with shock and awe, one can’t help but wonder, “Who wrote this?”

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September 23rd 2012   Posted by: admin   2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video of a deleted scene from The Dictator, and I have now added HD screencaptures from it to our Gallery. The scene is a music video for one of General Aladeen’s many hit songs, and features Isla as a prostitute spending time with Aladeen.

There’s a good chance this deleted scene may be on the DVD/Blu-ray (I haven’t checked), which is released tomorrow in the UK.

The screencaptures and video may not be suitable for younger viewers, you have been warned.

The Dictator > Deleted Scene – ‘Best Love Song’ – Screencaptures x43

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Accompanying two new interviews in USA Today this week were a couple of portrait photos of Isla with Kirsten and Lizzy that were taken on the recent Bachelorette press day. Read the interviews on our press page, and have a peek at the pics in our Gallery:

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Lots of additional stills from Bachelorette can now be found in our Gallery, and we also have some more international posters for the movie.

Bachelorette > Stills x18 more
Bachelorette > Posters x8 more

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Finally for today, a 3rd batch of screencaptures, this time from the various promotional interviews the Bachelorette girls did on press day that have been released on websites recently. Again, just scroll back through our recent updates and/or the Video updates archive to watch them all. My favourite is the Hollywood Reporter one, in which Isla lists all the comedies Kirsten Dunst has done, and proves herself to be a big fan of her co-star – excellent taste as always, Miss Fisher! I really love watching these Bachelorette cast interviews, as Isla and Kirsten seem to have become good friends, and are really funny together!

2012 – I Am Rogue x59
2012 – Clevver News x79
2012 – Collider x66
2012 – The Hollywood Reporter x35

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Next to be added to our Gallery today is screencaptures from Isla’s recent appearance on Conan. Only clips from her interview are readily available at the moment – scroll back through our updates below to find them – but I think they cover most of what was talked about, and a full video will be uploaded to our Videos page soon. For now, enjoy the pretty screencaptures!

2012 – Conan (Screencaptures) x251

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As posted about yesterday, Isla and her Bachelorettes appeared on Good Morning America yesterday, and I have now added photos from the taping, screencaptures, plus photos from outside the studios from their appearance. If you missed the video yesterday then scroll back down through our recent updates to find it.

Outside the ABC Studios x9
2012 – Good Morning America (Stills) x16
2012 – Good Morning America (Screencaptures) x66

September 5th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

As I posted about last night, Isla attended the New York premiere of Bachelorette last night, alongside her co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan, and writer/director Leslye Headland. Isla looked so gorgeous in a little gold beaded dress by Stella McCartney, and her red locks left tumbling down – one more winning look from Miss Fisher, I think! Kirsten was also wearing an outfit by Stella McCartney, and Entertainment Weekly have a poll where you can vote for which your fave was.

The first photos from the premiere can be seen in our Gallery. Further down this post is a video from the event in which Isla is briefly interviewed, and mentions husband Sacha.

We’re really being treated at the moment with all these new Isla goodies, and it’s so much fun getting all these new photos, appearances and interviews!! I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am, fellow Isla fans 🙂 Check back tomorrow and in the next few days for lots of screencaptures from the many recent interviews, including Conan and Good Morning America.

Bachelorette” New York Premiere x75

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