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Read brief synopses from all episodes of Wolf Like Me. Click the thumbnails on the left of each recap to see screencaptures from that episode, if available.

Contains spoilers!


• Season 1

Episode #01: ”

It’s fate when Gary and Mary’s universes — and cars — collide but as they grow closer, Mary mysteriously disappears.

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Episode #02: ”

Gary bumps into Mary and asks why she ran; Mary has some baggage he couldn’t possibly understand.

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Episode #03: ”

Mary emerges from the basement to face a terrified Gary; the universe is trying to tell them something, but Gary runs.

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Episode #04: ”

After another collision, Mary accepts Emma’s invitation to dinner, terrified Gary will reveal her secret.

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Episode #05: ”

Gary, Mary and Emma are finally a happy family, but a new revelation only makes their lives more complicated.

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Episode #06: ”

Stuck in the Australian outback with the full moon approaching Mary runs to protect Gary and Emma from the wolf within.

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