Sunburn (2000)

Isla plays ‘Woman’

Creator: Mike Bullen
Director: Renny Rye, Noella Smith, Kay Patrick, Keith Boak, Dan Zeff
Writer(s): Lizzie Mickery, Mike Bullen
Genre: Drama-Comedy
Filming: The second season was filmed in the Algarve. Isla would’ve filmed her scenes in mid-late 1999.
Viewing figures:
Runtime: Each episode lasted 50 minutes.


Sunburn followed the lives and loves of holiday reps working for the ficticious ‘Janus Holiday Team’.

When the weekly, 50-minute British drama series Sunburn first aired on January 16, 1999, the action took place in Cyprus, and dealt with the men and women working for Janus Holidays, a successful British-owned travel agency. Upon launching its second season, the series shifted locales to Portugal, Janus’ home office. In addition, several new cast members were introduced, among them the previously unseen but much-talked-about David Janus (Paul Nicholas). Michelle Collins starred as chief holiday representative Nicki Matthews, and all sang the series’ title tune.



Michelle Collins … as Nicki Matthews
Rebecca Callard … as Laura Hutchings
Sharon Small … as Carol Simpson
James Buller … as Greg Patterson
George Layton … as Alan Brookes
Sean Maguire … as Lee Wilson
Colette Brown … as Julie Hill
Paul Nicholas … as David Janus


Air Dates

UK – Aired on the BBC on Saturday nights from January 16th 1999 to May 1st 2000. Had 2 seasons, with 14 episodes in total.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in the 1st episode of series 2, entitled ‘A Tale of Kidnapping and Celebrity’, which aired on January 22nd 2000. The episode was directed by Keith Boak and written by Mike Bullen. Based on the fact that Isla is credited as ‘woman’, we can assume she didn’t have a very large part and unfortunately we don’t know anything about that character.

Season 2, Episode 1 ‘A Tale of Kidnapping and Celebrity’: Nicki and her team are still finding their feet in their new resort when Alan is mistakenly kidnapped by a political group



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• Renny Rye directed several episodes of this series, and also directed the 1999 mini-series Oliver Twist that Isla had a part in.


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We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this series.


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