Hearts & Bones (2000)

Isla plays Australian Barmaid

Creator: Stewart Harcourt
Director: Roger Goldby
Writer(s): Stewart Harcourt
Genre: Drama
Filming: Isla filmed her scenes in October 1999.
Viewing figures: Received approx. 5m viewers each episode.
Runtime: Each episode lasted 50 minutes.


A seven-part drama that explores the lives, loves, and careers of a group of friends from Coventry who all move to London. Emma is in a seven-year relationship with Mark Rose, with whom she has a son named Sam. She marries him although she loves his brother Rich — a butcher. Rich lives with his girlfriend Louise who is a hairdresser, but he finds the temptation of a dalliance with Emma hard to resist, especially when his relationship with Louise comes under strain when Louise’s mother becomes ill. Also, there is Emma’s best pal Amanda, who’s single since splitting up with her investment banker boyfriend Michael; Romance novel writer Sinéad is besotted with Mark but turns to the Internet for love when he marries Rose; and Rich and Mark’s younger brother Robbie, who comes to London for the wedding and stays to pursue his hobbies of beer and women.



Dervla Kirwan … as Emma Rose
Amanda Holden … as Louise Slaney
Andrew Scarborough … as Michael Owen
Rose Keegan … as Sinead Creagh
Sarah Parish … as Amanda Thomas
Hugo Speer … as Richard Rose
Joel Pitts … as Sam Rose
Damian Lewis … as Mark Rose
Kieran O’Brien … as Robbie Rose


Air Dates

UK – The first episode aired on April 30th 2000, on the BBC. There were 2 seasons, with 7 episodes in season 1 and 6 in season 2, making a total of 13 episodes of the show. It ended on August 30th 2001.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in the very first episode of the show, titled ‘I Need A Love Song’, which aired on April 30th 2000. The episode was directed by Sally Haynes and written by Stewart Harcourt. As it is the first episode, we are just meeting the characters and learning about their lives and relationships. Isla’s character, the Australian barmaid, is first seen serving the male characters with drinks in a pub, and they then proceed to admire her, being particularly excited about the fact that she’s Australian. We next see her and Robbie Rose creeping into his brother’s house where he’s staying, so they can sleep together. The next morning, Robbie and ‘Australian Barmaid’ are lying in bed (the floor of his brother Mark’s living room) together, and then playing playstation with Robbie’s nephew Sam. Australian barmaid is seen hanging out with Robbie and his family again later, both in his brother’s house, and then when the friends are all out for dinner together.

Season 1, Episode #1 ‘I Need A Love Song’: Emma and Mark on are on the verge of ending their seven-year relationship until Mark proposes, but Emma’s not sure it’s the right thing to do, especially as she’s secretly in love with his brother.



Hearts & Bones Hearts & Bones Hearts & Bones Hearts & Bones Hearts & Bones

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• Also known as There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.


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Fisher Fantastic

Isla spoke only a couple of words in this episode, and it was obvious she was only there as eye candy – and she did of course look good. It’s such a small role for her that it’s not one to rush out and rent, although it was nice seeing her in one of the BBC’s popular drama series’.



We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this series.


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