Bored To Death (2011)

A noir-rotic comedy.
How he solves anything is a mystery.
New cases. No clues.

Isla plays Rose Hiney

Creater: Jonathan Ames
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Neo-noir, detective, dramedy
Filming: Isla filmed her episodes in Coney Island in and around June 2011.
Runtime: Each episode lasts 30 mins


Based on the semi-autobiographical musings of eclectic author Jonathan Ames, Bored to Death tells the story of a noir-fiction-obsessed writer (Jason Schwartzman) who, in the wake of a painful breakup with his girlfriend Suzanne (Olivia Thirlby), impulsively decides to list his private-detective services on Craigslist – even though he’s unlicensed and has virtually no experience. Before long, and to his considerable surprise, Jonathan is hired by an assortment of desperate clients on a variety of cases, which he pursues while avoiding working on his second novel and writing for the magazine run by his eccentric boss George Christopher (Ted Danson). He also passes time with his pal, a cartoonist named Ray (Zach Galifianakis).



Jason Schwartzman … as Jonathan Ames
Zach Galifianakis … as Ray Hueston
Ted Danson … as George Christopher
Heather Burns … as Leah
Stacy Keach … as Stark/Bergeron
Chris Elliot … as Fishman
Mary Steenburgen … Josephine


Air Dates

Bored To Death first aired in the US in 2009. Isla’s two episodes aired on November 21st and 28th 2011, respectively.

The Season 3 DVD is now available to buy in the US.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in two episodes in Season 3, playing Rose Hines. Rose is a detective who offers to help Jonathan find his missing sperm donor father, but it is later revealed that she is his half-sister. During her first episode, Rose tells Jonathan and Bergeron that she is working on getting her PhD in Library Science from Columbia.

Season 3 Episode #7 – ‘Forget the Herring’
Directed By: Adam Bernstein
Written By: Rachel Axler and Jonathan Ames
Original Air Date: November 21st 2011
Viewing Figures:

After ringing him with the promise of information in the episode before, Rose meets with Jonathan in his office, to discuss his missing father. Jonathan’s father was a sperm donor, as was Rose’s. Rose reveals that she knows Donald Stark, the owner of the sperm bank where they both started their lives, and that she has discovered that he hired someone (Mr Fishman) to burn it down, which obviously destroyed all the records. She tells Jonathan that she doesn’t want to hire him – she already knows where the man who organised the fires is, but she feels sorry for Jonathan so wants to let him help.

The next morning Rose, accompanied by Jonathan, visit Fishman in prison and cajoles him into admitting he started the fires, and telling them where Stark now is. When Rose exclaims that she could kiss Fishman because she’s so grateful for his answers, he takes this literally and launches at her with his tongue! Horrified, Rose tries to pull away, and is aided by Jonathan and a prison guard.

After her escape, Rose and Jonathan visit Stark, now known as Bergeron, at his hat shop in Coney Island. They question him about his involvement in the sperm bank, telling them that that’s where they’re from and they want to find their fathers. He tells them that all the records were destroyed so they won’t be able to find out who their real fathers are, but offers them hats instead. Disheartened, Rose and Jonathan leave, and Rose suggests a ride on the rollercoaster to cheer them up. Sharing a kiss definitely lifts their mood!

Back at Jonathan’s apartment, Rose and Jonathan enjoy making the “room and the bed move” under his bed covers. He asks her if she’d like to work as a detective with him, and if she’d like to go to his friend’s recital that night. She says she’ll consider the first offer, but she can’t do the second as she has a night class in parchment restoration. She then hints at making the room move again with him, and when Jonathan misunderstands, she questions how he ever solved cases without her! Then he understands.

Later, whilst at George’s recital, Jonathan gets a phone call from Bergeron, telling him to meet him at the Aquarium in an hour. When there, Bergeron tells Jonathan that he provided all the sperm at the bank, so he is his father – and Rose’s father. Meaning that Rose is his half-sister. In fact, Bergeron says that Rose looks just like his mother. Jonathan is aghast, he has just slept with his half-sister…


Season 3 Episode #8 – ‘Nothing I Can’t Handle by Running Away’
Directed By: Adam Bernstein
Written By: Jonathan Ames
Original Air Date: November 28th 2011
Viewing Figures:

Jonathan is still tormented by the fact that he slept with his (half) sister, something which his friend Ray is happy to question him about. When Rose rings Jonathan to ask him if the lead (the meeting at the Aquarium) gave him anything, he lies and says it was a red herring.

After saving Jonathan and his dad from gun-toting bad guys, George, Ray and Jonathan attend George’s daughter Emily’s wedding, as does Rose. While they’re dancing, Jonathan starts to tell Rose the truth about them, but can’t quite go through with it. “There’s something…” he starts saying, but despite an attentive Rose, he stops, and instead kisses her. The show ends with the camera looking down on them dancing, Rose still unaware who her father is, or that she is dating her half-brother.



Bored To Death Bored To Death Bored To Death Bored To Death Bored To Death

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• Reports suggested there was a possibility for Isla to return to the show in Season 4, but the show was cancelled in December 2011, a month after the final episode of Season 3 aired.

• The rollercoaster Rose and Jonathan ride is the 150ft Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel, which has been running since 1920.

• Creater Jonathan Ames said the final shot of the show, that of the camera looking down on Jonathan and Rose and circling them, was a continuation of the spinning that had began at the start of the season and the circular theme he’d used.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Jonathan Ames (creater): “I want to be clear: Some people thought he was never going to tell her [that he’s discovered they’re blood-related]. I don’t want people to think he wouldn’t tell her. He wants to tell her, but he was just weakened in that moment. And the idea that they’re siblings is so abstract, because he didn’t grow up with her. It’s hard for him to conceptualize. So he kisses her in the moment, but I wanted that last shot to mirror his confusion, so it’s spinning — almost like the start of the season when he’s on the circle with the knives. It’s vertigo. But in the next season, I was going to put her in a sanitarium. She was going to have a total breakdown. And in case Isla Fisher wasn’t available, I’d just need that one shot of her on a bench or in Switzerland, for her incest cure.” (In an interview to, about the lack of an end of season cliffhanger, and the theme of incest)


Quotes: Character

‘Forget the Herring’

Rose: “Every time I would drink scotch I would lose my panties, it was always annoying the next morning.”

Rose: “I feel like there’s a book missing from the shelf of my life.”

Jonathan: “I’m sorry I got angry back there with Bergeron, it’s just that I was so angry which is why I got so … angry!”
Rose: “I’m angry too. Now we’ll never know what diseases we’re prone to!”
Jonathan: “Yeah, and that pisses me off! I would’ve liked to have known those diseases.”
Rose: “Me too!”

Jonathan: “You’ve practically solved the case, why do you wanna hire me?”
Rose: “I don’t, I felt sorry when I saw you on the Cavett show, you looked so lost and … disturbed.”
Jonathan: “Is it because I went crotch-closed instead of crotch-open?”
Rose: “Yes.”

Rose: “Were you out looking for your cat on this night? How about this night? Did you find your pussy on this night?”
Jonathan: “Seems like a lotta nights.”

Rose: “Mr Fishman, I could kiss you!”
Fishman: “Really? Well what’s stopping you honey? I got three more years in this shit box, come on, give it to me!”
Rose: [screams]

Rose: “But did you keep any of the records? All I know about my dad is that, well, he was Greek and had a beautiful singing voice.”
Bergeron: “I’m sorry sweetheart, when the building burnt down everything was lost.”
Rose: “Oh no!”
Jonathan: “If you hadn’t engaged in fraud this girl might’ve been able to find her father with the beautiful singing voice. I hope you realise what you’ve robbed her of.”

Jonathan: “You know my parents first date was to Coney Island.”
Rose: “That’s romantic. It’s a shame your dad was sterile.”

Jonathan: “Would you ever consider solving cases on a more professional level? I’ve always been a lone operator, but…”
Rose: “Oh! I’ll give it some thought. I could use a side-kick!”

Rose: “Do you think the clock could twitch one more time before we leave?!”
Jonathan: “No, it only does that once an hour.”
Rose: “How did you solve any cases before you met me?”
Jonathan: “Oh!”

‘Nothing I Can’t Handle by Running Away’

[Jonathan is trying to tell Rose that they are half brother and sister]
Jonathan: “Rose?”
Rose: “Hmm?”
Jonathan: “There’s something … ”
Rose: “What?”
Jonathan: “Nevermind.”





Fisher Fantastic

Isla was her typically hilarious self playing Rose in this show, nailing the one-liners as she always does. While she only had a small role, it was an important one in the show, and her scenes were a highlight of the episodes she was in. She also had great chemistry with Jason Schwartzman who played Jonathan, which made you want to see more of their story. It was an interesting change of pace seeing her on a television series, too. A recommended watch … rent the DVD!



Isla did not do any promotion for her role in this series.


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