BeastMaster (2002)

Isla plays Demon Manaka

Creator: Sylvio Tabet
Director: Michael Offer, Peter Andrikidis, Ian Gilmour, Brendan Maher, Catherine Millar, Raymond Quint
Writer(s): Andre Norton, Daniel Goddard, Dawn Ritchie, Charles Lazer and others.
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Filming: Isla probably filmed her episode in late 2001/early 2002. The show was shot in Queensland, Australia.
Viewing figures:
Runtime: Each episode lasted 45 minutes.


In an age when nature and magic rule the world, there is an extraordinary legend: the story of a warrior who communicates with animals, who fights sorcery and the unnatural. His name is Dar, last of his tribe. He is also called BeastMaster.

It is a land of myth, magic and the untamed. It is the time of Dar, a dethroned prince with a mystical gift—the unique ability to communicate with wild animals and share their powers. When evil villains destroy his village and kidnap his childhood sweetheart, Kyra, he embarks on a relentless quest to find her and to restore peace to a barbaric land. At his side are his young friend Tao, and his faithful animal companions—Sharak the eagle, Ruh the tiger, and Kodo and Podo, two mischievous ferrets. BeastMaster follows their incredible odyssey into a legendary, mythical realm where anything is possible.



Daniel Goddard … as Dar, the Beastmaster
Jackson Raine … as Tao
Monika Schnarre … as Sorceress
Dylan Bierk … as Sorceress (series 2)
Steven Grives … as King Zad
Marjean Holden … as Arina
Emilie De Ravin … as Curupira, the Demon (series 1-2)
Dominic Purcell … as Kelb (series 3)


Air Dates

Aus/US – First aired in Australia and the US (?) on October 9th 1999. Ran for 3 seasons with a total of 66 episodes, ending on May 13th 2002.

Internationally – Was shown in Germany in 2003, and Hungary in 2002.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in the 17th episode of the 3rd season of this Australian fantasy show. Her episode was titled ‘The Trial’ and was written by Sarah Dodd and directed by Ian Thorburn. It aired in Australia on April 14th 2002.

Isla plays Manaka, the nature demon and friend of the animals and earth. She was also the sister of Curupira, who became trapped underwater. When she catches Dar rescuing a human instead of an animal, she is furious, and takes him to trial for breaking his promise to protect all animals. There, she recounts the times he has failed to hold his promise to protect the animals, and quickly finds him guilty. Dar’s friends, Arina and Tao, fight his corner though, and Tao warns Arina that Manaka has the power to kill them all. They argue that Dar is the only one with the power to defeat the evil Balcifer. Manaka soon makes it clear that she is angry at how Dar didn’t save her sister Curupira from danger, and she questions him why not. Dar and his friends convince Manaka to let the animals speak for him, to tell her that he is their friend, and she lets them, although continues to persuade them against Dar. Dar pleads with her, but her judgement is to banish him to the darklands. Just as she is about to send him away, the animals come to him to protect him, including her puma, and she then realises that only a true BeastMaster would draw such loyalty from the animals. She lets him go, but warns him she will be watching him.

Season 3, Episode #17 ‘The Trial’: Accused of evading his promise to protect the animals, Dar is brought to trial after he saves Arina instead of a puma from a band of hunters by Curupira’s sister, the powerful nature demon, Manaka.



BeastMaster BeastMaster BeastMaster BeastMaster BeastMaster

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• This is an Australian and Canadian production, and featured actors from both countries.

• Based on the novel ‘The Beastmaster’ by Andre Norton.

• Kristy Wright, who played Chloe on Home & Away, made a guest appearance in a season 3 episode of BeastMaster. Holly Brisley, who later played Amanda on the soap, also made a guest appearance in a season 3 episode of this show.

• The show was nominated for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series at Saturn Awards in 2001.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “”


Quotes: Character

Dar: “You spoke of Curupira…”
Manaka: “The last time you saw her, you made a promise!”
Dar: “That’s right, I promised I’d protect the animals.”
Manaka: “And now, seeing this animal in danger, you save a human first.”
Dar: “I had no choice, Arina would’ve been killed.”
Manaka: “What do I care for humans?”
Dar: “She’s my friend.”
Manaka: “For failing to protect Curupira’s animals, you will stand trial.”
Tao: “In what court?”
Manaka: “Mine. And should I find you guilty? You’ll be stripped of your powers, and banished to the dark lands. You betrayed the animals. You’ve lost the right to be the BeastMaster.”

Manaka: “Do you deny you turned your back on this puma to save a human?”
Arina: “He knew if he freed me I’d help him fight the hunters!”
Manaka: “Silence! Or I’ll suck the life from you and hang your skin on these branches.”

Manaka: “You are guilty. Guilty of failing to protect the animals! I banish you to the eternal darklands. And I hope you die slowly.”

Manaka: “I consider myself to be a fair demon. Convince me that Curupira was right to choose you.”
Dar: “Thank you.”
Manaka: “Then when you fail, I’ll strip you of your powers and banish you forever.”
Tao: [groans] “He’s not guilty!”
Manaka: [to Tao] “And I’ll feed you to my puma.” [to Arina] “You too.”

Manaka: “My sister was foolish enough to trust a human. I won’t make the same mistake.”

Dar: “All I can say is that I promise to keep trying.”
Manaka: “It’s not good enough. For failing Curupira, I banish you to the eternal darklands!”

[The animals move to Dar just as Manaka is about to banish him]
Manaka: “Get away from him! I command you to leave him!”
Dar: “They say if you send me away they’ll come too.”
Manaka: “He isn’t the BeastMaster anymore!”
Dar: “He says that wherever I go so will he. We’re part of the same spirit.”
Tao: “The animals need him! Without Dar they’ll all suf-”
Manaka: “-get out of my way!”
[Manaka’s puma moves to Dar as well]
Manaka: “Not you, too!”
Dar: “Even your puma says she shares my fate.”
Manaka: “Only a true BeastMaster would draw such loyalty, even from a puma. Maybe my sister was right about you. I will let you continue your quest.”
Dar: “Thank you.”
Manaka: “But I will be watching you.”
Dar: “I’d expect no less from Curupira’s sister. I hope that one day we can free her.”
Manaka: “I hope so too.”





Fisher Fantastic

The series – or Isla’s episode at least – is bizarre and quite strange, with a cliched script. Isla’s performance is full-on and maniacal, and not really in a good way! She delivers each of her lines in an overly intense manner, which we are sure was intentional from the director. It is pretty funny seeing her as a demon, and we are sure Isla can laugh about this project now. She is in at least half of the episode. Despite the poor quality of the show, if you catch this on TV, or are able to see it some other way, it is worth a watch for entertainment value, for die-hard Isla fans.



We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this series.


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