Bay City (1993)

Isla plays Vanessa Walker

Director: Andrew Prowse, Howard Rubie
Writer(s): Roger Vaughan Carr, Ken Kelso, Murray Oliver, Trevor Todd
Genre: Family, Action, Adventure
Filming: Filmed in 1992/3 in Perth, Australia
Viewing figures:
Runtime: Each episode lasted 30 minutes, including adverts


A family action adventure series about four children who live in a small city on Australia’s west coast and their exciting and unpredictable adventures.

Bay City is an Australian children’s drama set amid Western Australia’s magnificent and diverse locations.

Bay City has appealing characters – Luke Carter, 14, who is handsome with a strong sense of justice – 13-year-old Vanessa a romantic who likes the company of boys, music and being with her best friend; and 13-year-old Joanne Zandona, Italian/Australian who is always in trouble because she fights for the underdog. Bay City successfully combines the proven elements of children’s drama: action and high adventure – and explores contemporary issues such as the environment, technology and life in a multicultural society.



Michael Muntz … as Mike Walker
Wendy Strehlow … as Sue Walker
Christopher Fare … as Steve Walker
Rachel Goodman … as Joanne Zandona
Shayne Vea … as Luke Carter


Air Dates

Australia – Aired on the Seven Network in 1993.


Character & Episode Information

Isla plays Vanessa, a 13 year old girl who likes the company of boys. The show had 13 episodes, and then it was cancelled.

– Episodes 1 – 4 – The Silver Pirates
Set on a picturesque, unspoilt island, The Silver Pirates, told over four episodes, opens the series and is a story of buried treasure, mystery, skulduggery and intrigue.

– Episode 5 – Rockin’ Horse Kid
The colourful and exciting sport of trotting forms the backdrop to this fast-paced adventure.

– Episode 6 – Devil’s Lair
Limestone caves, ancient bones and a crooked palaeontologist…a recipe for adventure.

– Episode 7 – The Mouse and the Dragon
East meets west in this dramatic story of street kids, graffiti and Chinatown.

– Episode 8 – Slipped Disk
Suspicious characters, computer crime, a chase and a confession…just in the nick of time.

– Episode 9 – Henry’s Garden
Jo helps out an inner city nursery run by the delightfully eccentric Henry. Jo takes up the cause when she learns that Morton, a property developer, is forcing poor Henry out.

– Episode 10 – The Brumby Boys
Youthful dreams of catching wild horses for profit are the catalyst for this thrilling adventure involving a theft and wrongful accusation.

– Episode 11 – Oliver’s Twist
The thrills and excitement of basketball provide the backdrop for this hard-hitting story involving a teenage gang, stolen goods and one teenager’s decision to stand up for himself.

– Episode 12 – Birds of a Feather
Miss Sally, the eccentric self-appointed protector of wildlife, enlists the children’s aid in this fast paced adventure involving heartless wildlife smugglers, DNA fingerprinting and a talking parrot.

– Episode 13 – Birds of a Feather – Part II
Using DNA fingerprinting the kids prove who the bird smugglers are and the one person responsible for the racket. Everyone is delighted when the birds are finally released to Miss Sally.

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Bay City Bay City

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• Also known as Bay Cove.

• Produced by Nomad Films International.

• In 1994, the first 4 episodes of this series were put together and aired as a TV movie, entitled The Silver Pirates.

• Nominated for awards at the Atom Awards and Australian Cinematographer’s Society, in 1994.


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