Arrested Development (2013)

The final countdown begins.
We’ve Unmade a Huge Mistake.
Back by executive decision.
Approved for more.
“You can do us back-to-back.”
“You can stream me all night long.”
“It’s not an illusion. It’s Netflix.”
“No touching. Only streaming.”
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Isla plays Rebel Alley

Creator: Michael Hurwitz
Genre: Comedy
Filming: Isla filmed her episodes in 2013 – further details are not known.
Runtime: Each episode lasts between 30 and 35 minutes.


Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable.



Jason Bateman … as Michael Bluth
Portia de Rossi … as Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will Arnett … as Gob Bluth
Michael Cera … as George-Michael Bluth (aka George Maharis)
Alia Shawkat … as Maeby Fünke
Tony Hale … as Buster Bluth
David Cross … as Tobias Fünke
Jeffrey Tambor … as George Bluth, Sr./Oscar Bluth
Jessica Walter … as Lucille Bluth
Ron Howard … as Narrator/himself
Terry Crews … as Herbert Love
Brian Grazer … as himself
Judy Greer … as Kitty Sanchez
Liza Minnelli … as Lucille Austero
Ben Stiller … as Tony Wonder
Kristen Wiig … as Young Lucille Bluth
Seth Rogen … as Young George Bluth


Air Dates

All episodes of season 4 premiered online on NetFlix on May 26th 2013. They were available for the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Latin America, Brazil and the Nordic countries.


Character & Episode Information

Isla appeared in 9 episodes in the 4th season, playing Rebel Alley. Rebel is an aspiring actress, and the fictional daughter of Ron Howard. In between acting jobs she performs in a Scottish music group. Many years ago, Rebel used to be a bit of a rebel – partying too hard and breaking the law in various ways. She has had to appear in numerous PSA’s as a result of this, including for binge drinking, shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded place, texting whilst driving, and shoplifting. Many of her PSA’s have been directed by her father. Rebel has also starred in a Woody Allen movie, a Terrence Malick movie, and the re-make of Dangerous Cousins. Since having her son – Lem Depardieu – almost 6 years ago, Rebel has settled slightly; Lem lives with his father in France for most of the year, and he comes back to live with her in March/April. Rebel still likes to have her fun, though, and is particularly impressed with ‘movie producer’ Michael Bluth, and ‘computer software entrepreneur’ George Maharis…


01. ‘Flight Of The Phoenix’
02. ‘Borderline Personalities’
03. ‘Indian Takers’
04. ‘The B Team’
05. ‘A New Start’
06. ‘Double Crossers’
07. ‘Colony Collapse’
08. ‘Red Hairing’
09. ‘Smashed’
10. ‘Queen B.’
11. ‘A New Attitude’
12. ‘Señoritis’
13. ‘It Gets Better’
14. ‘Off The Hook’
15. ‘Blockheads’

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Arrested Development Arrested Development Arrested Development Arrested Development Arrested Development

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• Show creator Mitchell Hurwitz is planning to make a full-length Arrested Development movie followed by a 5th season of the show. It is unknown whether Isla will be involved with either of these future projects.

• The cast – including Isla – received a nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The award went to Modern Family.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “Netflix won’t reveal the numbers of how many people watched it. Allegedly it was a huge success, that’s what it’s reported to be. When we shot it all Mitch kept saying was ‘this is what we’re going to do in the movie, this is how your character is going to get resolved’. Obviously I can’t reveal how it would work out but yeah I would love to make the movie of that, I had such a great time on that show.”

Isla Fisher: “Don’t forget I also made out with Will Arnett’s character too! They did not tell me when I took the gig exactly how much whoring my character would do! There’s still a few members of the Bluth family I haven’t made out with yet… but not many.”

Isla Fisher: “I can’t tell you anything about who I’m playing, but I will say that I had a really fun time shooting that. It was fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, they give you a script when you arrive on set, and then they change the words the whole time. You don’t really know whether you’re coming or going, so it’s a good exercise as an actor of letting go of control and just surrendering to the moment.”

Isla Fisher: “I’ve been really fortunate in my career to work with a lot of great people and get a lot of great gigs, but my favourite phone call ever was the Arrested Development one from my agent. It was very exciting.”

Isla Fisher: “I like George-Michael and Michael. I like Buster, too – I love them all! I’m a huge fan of the show!” (on her favourite characters from the show)


Quotes: Character

Rebel: “That’s not too embarrassing walking around with a bunch of photographs of yourself.”
Michael: “Oh, well, looks like it’s part of your job, huh? – You’re an actress?”
Rebel: “No, I’m a narcissist.”

Read more character quotes in the Episode Guide



Slant Magazine: “The new season never devolves into cynical nihilism, as there’s still a chipper energy and inspired messiness that drives the seemingly improbable plot mechanics. And this unyielding spirit, even amid chaotic formulas that don’t always add up, is what continues to make Arrested Development a trailblazing success (particularly in the Entourage-pranking “Colony Collapse” and Maeby-centric “Señoritis”), conjoined with a collection of outrageously pitiable characters whose dishonesty and denial hilariously exaggerate human behaviors.”

Television Addiction: “Arrested Development also brings in some truly brilliant guest stars in the fourth season. Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen are perfectly cast as the young Lucille and George Bluth, and when Isla Fisher turns up as Rebel Alley, certain things just seem to click into place.”

IGN: “The new character with the most notable role though was Rebel Alley, a new love interest for Michael… and, whoops, George Michael as well. Isla Fisher is an innately likable actress who’s been very funny in other roles, but Rebel felt notably undeveloped for a character with as much screen time and story significance as she got and Fisher seemed understandably confused how to play her.”

Variety: “That’s not to say the cast and series creator Mitchell Hurwitz (who directed with Troy Miller) don’t deliver their share of moments, although the format has a way of blunting them. Each episode essentially focuses on one of the characters, but they frequently intersect — an ambitious narrative approach, if one also seemingly designed to narrow the program’s appeal even further.”

Den Of Geek: “The show also acquired a new batch of guest stars, some of whom fitted in perfectly, others less so. Isla Fisher was a delight as Ron Howard’s daughter, Rebel Alley (Hot Rod fans will have relished seeing her act alongside Will Arnett again)…”

Time: “And considering the gigantic guest list, the casting is mostly effective rather than stuntlike: standouts include Kristen Wiig as an inspired young Lucille, a disarmingly comic Isla Fisher and Maria Bamford as DeBrie, a recovering addict who gives Tobias’ story surprising poignance.”


Fisher Fantastic

Isla appears in scenes throughout the season – just not enough of them, and her character is under-used. However, she is funny with what she has. The show is hard to follow for those who have not watched previous seasons, and the format of this season – each episode focusing on one character – results in a unique but confusing narrative.



Isla did not do much promotion for this show. She talked briefly about it in a couple of interviews whilst promoting Rise Of The Guardians in 2012, and then The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me in 2013. The cast were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for this season, and Isla attended the ceremony as a nominee in January 2014.

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