Short Films

Isla has appeared in three short films, portraying the leading character in each. Here is some information about these rare films, including the synopsis and the co-stars.


Random Acts of Intimacy (TV) (2002)

Isla plays: Woman in the Club
Release Date: December 12th 2002 (UK)
Director: Clio Barnard
Co-starring: Robert Beck (as Man in the Train), Sibyl Buck (as Woman in the Street), Claire Gorham (as Woman in the Toilets), Sara Stockbridge (as Woman on the Bus)
Length: 15 mins
Country of production: UK

A group of people discuss chance encounters they have had that has led to sex with complete strangers. One girl recounts her experiences in the middle of a busy club, another being caught by the police. A lady describes a lesbian clinch in the toilets, a man recounts his 30 second affair on a train and a woman takes a coach journey. Truth and fiction collude in a collage of romanticised and possibly fabricated memories of impulsive, passionate random acts of intimacy.



Furnished Room (1998)

Isla plays: Jennie
Release Date: 1998
Director: Charly Cantor
Co-starring: Veronica Clifford (as Mrs Card), Paul Rattray
Length: 16mins 20secs
Country of production: UK

Danny’s first day away from home, in the Big City. He isn’t convinced by the room, not one little bit. But if he doesn’t take it he may end up with nothing at all. The landlady bears down on him. Eyes him like he’s food on her plate. He takes the room. Moving in with his few possessions, he starts looking for something in which he can take comfort. Begins to discover hints of who the girl living here previously may have been. From her residue, like shades of memory in the room, his mind conjours her up. Yet not all is as it seems. Furnished Room is a ghost story about beauty, warmth, loneliness and regret.

Furnished Room was associate produced by Simon Markham, and was selected by the British Film Council for representation at international film festivals.

British Film Council website


Bum Magnet (1997)

Isla plays: Emma
Release Date: 1997
Director: Unknown
Co-starring: Joseph Kennedy (as Matt), Todd MacDonald (as Judd)
Length: mins
Country of production: Australia

A classic teenage comedy about a girl who falls for bums (slang for lazy, useless people) and gets burnt by them. Emma falls for Matt. The guy tries to recall where he lost his cap and tries to remember all the women he has slept with to find it.

Isla says: “I did that after Home & Away. It was about a girl who always sits around waiting for the phone to ring from the various bums she’s recently fallen in love with.”