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Being an in-demand comedienne, reports often pop up that Isla is going to be starring in various different movies. More often than not many of those films don’t materialise (read about those here), but this page is to keep track of the films Isla has been linked to that we presume are still in development and she may still be working on. We know that Isla is turning her talents to scriptwriting and developing her own projects (read more about that here), and this can often take a long time to come to fruition. We’ll keep track of how they are progressing and do our best to update their statuses here.

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Wedding Crashers 2

While promoting Nocturnal Animals on The Today Show in November 2016, Isla let slip that she was aware of talks going on around a sequel to 2005’s massive success Wedding Crashers. “I bumped into Vince Vaughn at a party and he said that apparently we’re going to be making a sequel, so I’m really excited to see what happened to Gloria,” Isla revealed. A few days later Deadline reported more on this story, adding that the film is still in the early stages as the stars need to sign off creatively and close deals for the project. The script was written by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, with David Dobkin set to return as director.

While promoting their movie Eurovision in mid-2020, Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell talked about the status of the sequel, with Will Ferrell stating “Wedding Crashers 2, yeah. I think we can just say it’s being written.” Director David Dobkin said in an interview the same month that the idea of a sequel had been talked about but that they wanted to make sure it was original and just a “retread” of the first movie. And whilst promoting a movie in November 2020, Vince Vaughn updated that “Owen [Wilson] and I and the director of Crashers have been talking for the first time seriously [about] a sequel to that movie. So there has been an idea that is pretty good. So we are talking about that in the early stages.”

Since then, Isla has spoken about a potential sequel when asked in interviews, but her update has been that she’d love to see it happen, but she’s not aware of any plans for it:

I know that a lot of people are trying to make that happen and I guess it’s a really important — or at least joyful memory for a lot of people. So hopefully we can make it come true. I’m definitely not in the loop as to what’s happening right now though.” – Isla in 2021

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