The Silver Pirates (1994)

Isla plays Vanessa Walker

Director: Andrew Prowse
Writer(s): Roger Vaughan Carr, Ken Kelso, Murray Oliver, Trevor Todd
Genre: Family, Action, Adventure
Filming: Filmed in 1992/3 in Perth, Australia
Viewing figures:
Runtime: 90 minutes


While on holiday Luke, Vanessa Jo and Steve find an ancient astrolabe. This leads them to search for more buried treasure. They’re not the first. Bruno and Lance have taken over the maintenance depot as a cover for plundering the treasure. Add to the mix Sheila and Jimmy Martin, owners of the island store, Jeff from the Maritime Museum…and a gaunt seafaring figure from a bygone age…and we’re set for a story of intrigue and adventure.

This telemovie is made up of the first 4 episodes of the TV series Bay City.



Michael Muntz … as Mike Walker
Wendy Strehlow … as Sue Walker
Christopher Fare … as Steve Walker
Rachel Goodman … as Joanne Zandona
Shayne Vea … as Luke Carter
Sean Scully … as
Rebecca Gibney … as


Air Dates

Aus – This TV/tele-movie aired in Australia in 1994.


Character & Episode Information

This telemovie is made up of the first 4 episodes of the TV series Bay City, in which Isla played the 13 year old Vanessa Walker.



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We have not seen this project, so can’t comment on how much, or how good, Isla was in it.



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