Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Isla plays Laura Hastings

Director: Tom Ford
Writer(s): Screenplay by Tom Ford, based on the novel ‘Tony and Susan’ by Austin Wright
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Filming: Filmed in Los Angeles from October to December 2015
Budget: $20m
Box Office:
Runtime: 115m
Rating: R


From writer/director Tom Ford comes a haunting romantic thriller that explores the thin lines between love and cruelty, and revenge and redemption. Susan Morrow, a Los Angeles art dealer, lives a privileged yet unfulfilled life with her husband Hutton Morrow. One weekend, as Hutton departs on a business trip, Susan receives an unsolicited package left for her in her mailbox. It is a novel, Nocturnal Animals, written by her ex-husband Edward Sheffield, with whom she has had no contact for years. Edward’s note accompanying the manuscript encourages Susan to read the work and then to contact him during his visit to the city. Alone at night, in bed, Susan begins reading. The novel is dedicated to her … but its content is violent and devastating. While Susan reads, she is deeply moved by Edward’s writing and cannot help but reminisce over the most private moments from her own love story with the author. Trying to look within herself and beyond the glossy surface of her life, Susan increasingly interprets the book as a tale of revenge, a tale that forces her to re-evaluate the choices that she has made, and re- awakens a love that she feared was lost—as the story builds to a reckoning that will define both the novel’s hero and her own.

Nocturnal Animals is a cautionary tale about coming to terms with the choices that we make as we move through life and of the consequences of our decisions. In an increasingly disposable culture where everything including our relationships can be so easily tossed away, this is a story of loyalty, dedication and love. It is a story of the isolation that we all feel, and of the importance of valuing the personal connections in life that sustain us.



Jake Gyllenhaal … as Tony Hastings
Amy Adams … as Susan Morrow
Armie Hammer … as Walker Morrow
Aaron Taylor-Johnson … as Ray
Michael Shannon … as Bobby Andes
Laura Linney … as Anne Sutton
Ellie Bamber … as Helen Hastings


International Release Dates

Venice Film Festival World Premiere – September 2nd 2016
Toronto Film Festival – September 9th 2016
UK – November 4th 2016
US (NY & LA) – November 18th 2016
US (limited) – November 23rd 2016
US (wide) – December 9th 2016


Character Information

Isla plays Laura, Tony’s husband. Laura and Tony are taking a vacation with their children when a tragic incident occurs on their journey…



Nocturnal Animals

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• Focus Features bought the US distribution rights to the film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 for $20m, making it the biggest deal of the festival that year, and one of the biggest in recent years.
• Joaquin Phoenix was once considered for a role in the film.
• Isla and Amy Adams do not share any scenes in this movie.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “I’ve always been a fan of him [Tom Ford], as a fashion designer, and now having worked with him in film, on his latest movie, Nocturnal Animals, I’m equally a fan of him, and I realize now what a true artist he is.”

Amy Adams: “It was so great, we’re not actually together, it’s kind of tricky, it’s in a Tom Ford movie, she plays a character in a book that I’m reading so she’s like a version of me which I thought was so awesome, the only thing I don’t like is that I don’t get to work with her to prove that we are not in fact the same person, for those people who are doubters! She’s funny, we joke about it.” (on being mistaken for Isla and now working together)


Quotes: Character

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The Wrap: “The somewhat enigmatic ending of the film annoyed some of the people around me at the press screening — and I confess I’ll probably need to sit with it for a while to fully understand what Ford was going for with it — but “Nocturnal Animals” packs a real punch and confirms that “A Single Man” was no fluke.”


Fisher Fantastic



The film received its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September 2016, although Isla was not in attendance.

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