London (2006)

One young man’s incredible journey of self-discovery.
A Film About Love And Her Victims.

Isla plays Rebecca

Director: Hunter Richards
Writer(s): Hunter Richards
Genre: Drama
Filming: Filmed in New York City in 2005
Budget: £14m estimated
Box Office: Made a total of $20,361, with $12,667 coming from the opening weekend.
Runtime: 92 minutes
Rating: R in the US.


When Syd learns that his ex-girlfriend London is leaving New York without telling him, he responds by impulsively crashing her going away party. Once there, rather than confront her, he holes up in the bathroom with a pile of cocaine and Bateman, an enigmatic Englishman he barely knows. As the two engage in a drug-fueled conversation that runs the gamut from entropy to S&M to the meaning of life, Syd struggles to work up the nerve to talk to London before it is too late.



Chris Evans … as Syd
Jessica Biel … as London
Joy Bryant … as Mallory
Jason Statham … as Bateman
Kelli Garner … as Maya
Dane Cook … as George
Paula Patton … as Alex
Kat Dennings … as Lilly
Sophie Monk … as Lauren


International Release Dates

Had a limited release in the US on February 10th 2006, and was released on DVD there in May 2006. Released only in London in the UK on March 20th 2006. Went straight to video/DVD in most countries, including Germany in March 2006, Japan in April 2006, and Italy in June 2006.


Character Information

Isla plays Rebecca, a rich young woman who is hosting a going away party for her friend London in her parent’s swanky Manhattan apartment. Rebecca is not happy when Syd, London’s ex-boyfriend, shows up at the party, and spends most of the party worried about whether they and other guests are doing cocaine in her parent’s bathroom, as well as being suspicious of the strange Bateman that came with Syd. Rebecca is a proud hostess but tense, desperate for the party to go well for London, and is very protective of her friend against Syd. Syd doesn’t like Rebecca interfering, and a full blown argument between them rages.



London London London London London

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• Isla has a suporting role as Rebecca, the hostess of London’s going away party.

• Isla speaks with her Australian accent in this role.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “I play a character the opposite of Gloria. She’s very straight and wants things to go very well.” (on the difference between this character, and her character in Wedding Crashers.)

Isla Fisher: “The film is set at a party which my character is hosting, all these people come and she’s very outraged by the antics that go on: just the opposite of Gloria in Wedding Crashers. I acted in my own accent for the first time in a long time, which was quite fun.”


Quotes: Character

Rebecca: “Please tell me you’re not doing coke in my parents bathroom.”
Maya: “What?”
Rebecca: “I saw you go upstairs, where did you go?”
Maya: “To the bathroom!”
Rebecca: “Swear to god you are not doing coke in my parents house.”
Maya: “Oh my god, I swear to god I’m not doing coke in your parent’s house.”
Rebecca: “Ok I’m sorry darling. Alright, have a good time. Sorry.”

Rebecca: “London, are you okay?”
London: “Uh yeah, we’re just gonna go, we gotta talk.”
Rebecca: “Yeah? Cause if you want, I’ll call security and have him taken out – I’ve got no problem with that.”
Syd: “Rebecca, do me a favour, can you stay out of this, please?”
Rebecca: “You’ve been doing cocaine in my parent’s bathroom all night, so don’t f***ing tell me what I can and cannot do, in my own f***ing house, considering you weren’t even invited!”

Rebecca: “You’re just shouting for starters, in my f***ing party, and also, you’re a psychotic! You couldn’t get it if it smashed you in the face. She doesn’t wanna be with you! She doesn’t wanna spend even twenty seconds with you!”


Reviews “Also, that cute girl from WEDDING CRASHERS (Isla Fisher) shows up every now and again … acting cute.” “The writer and director Hunter Richards’s debut film features a thoroughly unsympathetic cast of characters, weak performances (though the supporting actors fare better than the leads) and a script that is laughable, minus a few exceptions, in all the wrong places.”

Variety: “For those who enjoy fashion-model-looking twentysomethings yelling at each other in bathrooms while doing too much cocaine, voila! Heaven is a place called “London.” Everyone else will want to maintain a wide berth around this noxious debut feature for writer-director Hunter Richards, whose apparent views on the battle of the sexes suggest anger-management counseling is needed.”

TV Guide: “Outside, the high-strung Becca furiously grills other guests about whether people are upstairs doing coke in her parents’ bathroom. The conversations have a semi-improvised feel, in the worst possible sense of the term: They’re rambling, repetitive and laced with inarticulate profanity.”


Fisher Fantastic

Isla once again plays a supporting role in this film, with only a few scenes. One of those scenes is a big argument scene, and Isla proves she can handle drama, giving a capable performance. It’s also fun seeing her play a slightly bitchy character, especially in her first scene. While I haven’t seen the whole film, so can’t comment on that, I did enjoy Isla’s brief scenes, despite the repetitiveness of the dialogue. Because she seems to be a minor character, it may not be worth running out as fast as you can to see this, but it’s probably worth a watch at some point.



We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this film.


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