Klown Forever (2015)

Tilgi oss… igjen! (Forgive us… again!)

Isla plays herself (cameo)

Director: Mikkel Nørgaard
Writer(s): Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Filming: Filmed in Los Angeles, US, and Copenhagen, Denmark
Budget: 27.1m DKK ($4m / £3m)
Box Office: Made a total of $6,995,833 in Denmark, $1,789,763 of which came from the opening weekend
Runtime: 1hr 38 mins
Rating: USA: R, Denmark: 15


Frank and Casper’s friendship is tested when Casper decides to move to Los Angeles and pursue a solo career there. Determined to win back his friend, Frank follows him to California for a holiday of spectacular misadventures.



Casper Christensen … as Casper
Frank Hvam … as Frank
Mia Lyhne … as Mia
Simone Colling … as Cille
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau … as himself (cameo)
Adam Levine … as himself (cameo)


International Release Dates

Denmark – September 24th 2015
US (Fantastic Fest) – September 27th 2015
Iceland – November 9th 2015
US (cinema and VoD) – September 2nd 2016


Character Information

Isla makes a 5-minute cameo appearance in the film as herself – albeit maybe a more straightlaced ‘version’. Casper moves to Hollywood to pursue his career there, and he enjoys throwing parties and socialising with his new-found celebrity friends. ‘Isla’ and her family live next door to Casper in the Hollywood Hills, and she pops over one morning to inform him that she overheard someone having sex at his party the night before. She felt a duty to report it to him, and was concerned about the effect hearing that could have on her daughter.



Klown Forever Klown Forever Klown Forever Klown Forever Klown Forever

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• This film is a sequel to Klown: The Movie (2010); both films are follow-ons from the 2005 Danish TV series Klown.

• Isla’s husband Sacha Baron Cohen is a big fan of the first Klown movie, and reportedly hired Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen to write his upcoming movie The Lesbian.

Klown Forever was the 4th highest grossing film of 2015 in Denmark; behind only Jurassic World, Star Wars, and Spectre.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “”

Mikkel Norgaard: “Klown Forever is a depiction of our society; a freeze frame. It’s the story of a generation; Casper and Frank are getting older; their day-to-day issues have changed, as have their lifestyle and income levels. But it’s the characters’ honesty which makes the audience able to relate to them, laugh at them and with them. In Klown Forever, ordinary human relationships are taken to the extreme. Audiences can see a reflection of themselves in the main characters, and in their (to us) insane priorities and relationships with girlfriends, family, friends, and parents. Comedy manages, unlike other genres, to shed light on our lives in a new way.”


Quotes: Character

Isla: “I know you had a party last night – ”
Casper: “- yeah, yeah, was it that late?”
Isla: “No it’s all good, but somebody was having sex just outside between your house and mine, they were really loud.”
Casper: “What?”
Isla: “I could hear them, I thought a coyote was getting killed or something!”

Casper: “Cille say ‘Hi’.”
Cille: “Oh yeah, I’m sorry, so nice to meet you. I really liked you in Shopaholic.”
Isla: “Oh, thank you!”

Isla: “Actually it was her, I recognise the voice.”
Casper: “What are you saying?”
Isla: “I’m sorry, I’m just saying, that’s who was having sex. I heard her, I know her voice.”
Casper: “Are you sure you can recognise her voice?”
Isla: “I’m an actor, I do an American accent, I can hear accents.”



The Film Stage: “If you were not a fan of the original film or are easily offended, Klovn Forever will do little to change your opinion on Frank and Casper’s style of humor. But those who enjoy their antics will undoubtedly find this sequel delivers the goods, despite being unable to top their outrageous outing that was the first feature.”

Screen Anarchy: “Friendship can be a funny thing, and Klown Forever makes the most of that platitude, producing a very, very funny movie with a good bit of genuine heart.”

Portland Mercury: “A hilariously raunchy, charming, and super-ridiculous buddy comedy about a pair of quasi-celebrity douchebags and friends causing epic, debaucherous havoc in the United States.”

LA Times: “Despite the fish-out-of-water potential, their misadventures in Lotus Land pay few comic dividends other than attracting cameos from the likes of Adam Levine and Isla Fisher (Cohen’s wife), and a funny bit where Frank gets his bits caught in a Navajo dream catcher. For the most part, it’s apparent their hearts, and other organs, are no longer in it.”

Film Journal: “Scandinavian comedy is a special breed of humor that doesn’t always translate well into English, but to their credit, Christensen and Hvam play upon the type of raunchy and irreverent humor Sacha Baron Cohen has used so successfully in movies like Borat. Having the duo interacting with unwitting Americans certainly adds to that comparison, but this is a far more scripted affair, which might be what ultimately hurts it. The Los Angeles setting allows them to include unlikely cameos by the likes of singer Adam Levine and actress (and Sacha Baron Cohen’s wife) Isla Fisher, but they bring little to the story other than being someone more recognizable to American audiences.”

The Guardian: “Klown Forever has even less of a plot than the first film, which is a bit of a problem. There will be some who simply find Klown Forever too awful to be funny, but that’s a choice the film-makers made.”


Fisher Fantastic

This movie is a cross between mockumentary Pilot Season and a European version of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie. There are several explicit and risque sex/nude scenes that are not suitable for Isla’s younger fans, but if you’re not easily offended you might enjoy this movie. On the plus side, it’s nice seeing Isla spread her wings and pop up in a European film, and the humour and raunchiness will appeal to some; it’s also nice to see her play a different type of ‘character’ as she does here. However, her appearance is very brief! Worth a watch if you come across it, but if you want to see Isla playing a Hollywood-ised version of herself then check out Pilot Season instead.



Isla has not done any promotion for this film yet.


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