Dallas 362 (2003)

Sometimes the only way home is through hell.
It’s a whole thing.

Isla plays Redhead

Director: Scott Caan
Writer(s): Scott Caan
Genre: Drama
Filming: Filmed in April 2002 in Los Angeles
Box Office: Made $21,108 in the US. Took $2,831 on opening weekend in the US, showing in only 1 cinema.
Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating: R in the US


The directorial debut of Scott Caan, DALLAS 362 is a coming-of-age story set in the backwoods of Texas. Rusty (Shaun Hatosy) and his pal Dallas (Caan) are aimless troublemakers, spending their time either getting drunk and fighting in bars, or sobering up in the local police station’s holding cell. Rusty’s mother Mary (Kelly Lynch) constantly bails them out of prison, but tires of her son’s reckless behavior, asking her boyfriend (and therapist) Bob (Jeff Goldblum) to speak with him. As Bob and Rusty strike up a friendship, Rusty is increasingly torn between the possibility of turning his life around and his loyalty to Dallas, who appears rapidly on the course to a life of crime. DALLAS 362 is an acclaimed independent drama that examines the difficulty in choosing between self-interest and the obligation to others.



Scott Caan … as Dallas
Jeff Goldblum … as Bob
Shawn Hatosy … as Rusty
Kelly Lynch … as Mary
Heavy D … as Bear
Val Lauren … as Christian Potter
Bob Gunton … as Joe
Marley Shelton … as Amanda
Selma Blair … as Peg
Freddy Rodríguez … as Rubin


International Release Dates

Was first screened at the CineVegas International Film Festival in the US in 2003. Only opened in cinemas in the US on May 6th 2005. Released on DVD in Spain on May 24th 2006, then on February 20th 2007 in Hungary.


Character Information

Isla plays ‘Redhead’, a minor character who has a two-night stand with Dallas. She appears in flashbacks, as Dallas recounts his nights with her to a friend. He refers to her as ‘Chatty Cathy’, as she talks non-stop and gives him her life story, but loses his cool with her when she interrupts him when he’s trying to do some kind of business with his friend. ‘Redhead’ likes smoking.



Dallas 362 Dallas 362 Dallas 362 Dallas 362 Dallas 362

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• Isla speaks with her Australian accent in this role.

• Isla only appears in a couple of scenes in the movie, in flashbacks.

• This film was Scott Caan’s directing debut.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew

Isla Fisher: “”


Quotes: Character

Redhead: “You know what pisses me off? People piss me off.”



NYTimes.com: “As a writer and actor, Mr. Caan seems more comfortable with men than with women; the scenes between him and Mr. Hatosy, in which the insults they trade function as a kind of secret code for their deep attachment, are deftly and movingly sketched. But when romantic subplots intrude, the film’s execution feels less assured.”

Variety: “The recipient of the critics’ jury prize at Cinevegas, this low-key but accomplished pic definitely has a future as a festival item and a specialized theatrical release.”

Austin Chronicle: “The film’s opening and closing credit sequences, with their wonderfully constructed preamble and epilogue, show Caan’s filmmaking at its best and most fully articulated. We look forward to hearing more from him.”


Fisher Fantastic

I haven’t seen the whole film so can’t comment on that, but if Isla is only in the scenes we have clips of in our Video section, then I think we can say this project is not very Fisher Fantastic. She only speaks a couple of lines so her character has close to nothing to do. Another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but you’re not missing much, kind of role, unfortunately.



Isla attended the Los Angeles premiere for the film in May 2005.

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