Clowning Around 2 (1992)

Isla plays

Director: George Whaley
Writer(s): Ranald Allan
Genre: Drama, Family
Filming: Filmed in Perth and Paris in 1992
Viewing figures:
Runtime: 120 minutes


This drama presents the further adventures of Simon, the young man who dreams of becoming an internationally renowned clown. The story begins as he meets fellow jokester Eve while performing with the Winter Circus. She is a daring sort who freely experiments with the art. He joins her and they are both fired. Eve then takes Simon to her Montreal home. Eventually he hears that one of his old bosses has left him one half of a dilapidated, nearly bankrupt circus in Simon’s native Australia. He quickly returns home to continue with his dream.



Clayton Williamson … as Simon Gunner
Ernie Dingo … as Jack Merrick
Margaret Ford … as Martha
Frederique Fouche … as Eve
Leigh Taylor-Young … as Eve’s Mother


International Release Dates

Aired in Australia in 1993.


Character Information

Isla plays a member of the circus – the circus team are unhappy at Simon’s management of the circus, and they threaten to leave unless he makes some changes.



Clowning Around 2 Clowning Around 2 Clowning Around 2 Clowning Around 2 Clowning Around 2

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• This is a TV movie sequel to the 1991 family film Clowning Around. Clowning Around was originally aired in Australia as a feature film, but when broadcast in the UK on ITV it was edited into a mini-series.

• This was likely Isla’s first screen role.


Quotes: Isla, Cast & Crew


Quotes: Character

Isla’s character: “Martha says you own half the circus, we wanna know what you’re going to do about our problems.”

Isla’s character: “We’ll be in the tent in half an hour to hear just what these changes are – and they better be good, or we all go.”





Fisher Fantastic

We’re not sure how big a role Isla had in this TV movie, but it is likely her first on-screen role, so if you can find the whole thing then it’s worth watching!



We are not aware of any promotion Isla might have done for this film.


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